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The information on this games availability is really conflicted some places say its on PSN other say its not can someone clarify ?

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I am glad that hes back making games, but a multiplayer shooter is the least interesting thing he could of done. But then again if thats what he wants to make more power to him.

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@dudeglove: even though the ending was kinda nonsense I didnt really have a problem with the series at the time. Though having played threw ME1 recently MAN THAT GAME IS NOT FUN TO PLAY. the story and such is still really good even if the characters are a bit shallow by ME2 standards, but the shooting has not held up at all

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@sbaitso: It seems like F1 are kinda dicks about keeping the older stuff under tight reign.

On a side note if a 1 hour delay means that whatever NBC network is covering the race runs less ads during the race like with this one, Yes more of that please!(the delay not the crashing)

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@zomgfruitbunnies: And luckily we live in an age where its ok for the news to say 5 mil when its really 4.8

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@dizzyhippos: It would be pretty great if it prize pool went up another million, but not likely.


I would be happy if it got to the point of 1st place taking 5million

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It's really interesting how the summer sale just totally knocked out all momentum for the prize pool. Wonder if Valve could somehow spread those out next year.

I feel like it was already all winding down considering the big stretch goals were hit and people were done spending their money. Another reason could be because of the discounts to in-game items, and players began buying those instead of compendium related things.

Ya people were already kinda winding down around the 10 mil mark. Though it seems to of picked up steam again and raised nearly another 500k since.

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I am starting to think what Danny means is Pastor Maldonado has never finished a race in 2014

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Glad to hear Kimi just messed up his ankle

Do you really hate him, or something?

Kimi has a history of back issues, he could of easily hurt it again. Though hes probably not happy that crash could of been much worse for him

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Glad to hear Kimi just messed up his ankle