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@carryboy: Its pretty good on MMO's too if you still like to play those

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@jamin724: Might just be your controller going. I havent played DS2 but I had a similar issue a while back while playing other games where I would click in the stick and it would take the input as square for some reason.

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@sinusoidal said:

Why not just 720p then? At least then it'd be a 2:3 ratio for anything 1920X1080 rather than 99:135 (seriously wtf?)

792p smells to me like they just pushed the hardware as far as they could without completely jacking the frame rate so they could claim MOAR PEES!!

Jeff's review makes it sound like they weren't all that successful.

What happened to "The Cloud" that was touted so heavily around Xbone launch, or was this game never intended to utilize it?

First off making it 720p makes it much harder to sell a $500 box needed to play it and only goes to fuel more fanboy wars.

Second whether they rewrote the entire engine or not as the GB crew as claimed previously, the source engine is still the source engine and frame rate is always an issue with it solved only by raw horsepower.

And finally that cloud nonsense was never going to make a difference in how it looked unless they were doing something like onlive and streaming video of a computer running it to you on a delay. The cloud is good for stuff that you can depend on being the same 9 times out of 10, sending textures over any network(especially American internet) is a pipe dream at best because you can never count on it being the same for everyone.

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It is fun to be one of the first in to some people, if you dont fall into this group then just wait it out and get it on sale or get the PC version which is cheaper anyway.

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@haruko said:

@flacracker said:

You shouldn't be preordering games anyway.

To quote the sage of our times Eric Cartman

"Preorder Doesn't mean shit, Okay?

When you preorder a game, you're just commiting to paying for something that some assholes in California haven't even finished working on yet.

You know what you get for preordering a game? A big dick in your mouth"

Also I'll say this as long as the game is great I could give a shit about how it looks.

This ^, though if your worried about how it looks/the framerate let me remind you its on a nearly 10yo console. Wait for the PC version if it matters that much to you its $10 cheaper anyway

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@mister_v: While that is true for people that go to websites like giantbomb, you show enough casual people video of titan fall I think you would be shocked with how many people still care about how pretty a game is.

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@hailinel said:

I have no interest in playing the game, but the main thing that worries me is that EA cancelled the game's release entirely in South Africa because of network performance issues. And while the rest of the world is not South Africa, it does make me wonder what EA's idea of "good enough" is to release in any particular territory.

Wouldn't surprise me if that was a convenient excuse and the real reason is "its not worth maintaining servers there for the amount of copy's we will sell" Internet in the united states by and large is considered really shitty so I cant imagine that's the real reason for canceling it in south africa. Though thats all speculation I know dick all about maintaining networks

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I am not asking to be a reductive dick or anything, but would it be accurate to describe this game as yo call of duty but with robits?