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I only pre-order the stuff that I am 100% going to play regardless of how it reviews like Dragon age. Though Amazon is making its less attractive since you cant use points on pre-orders anymore.

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I dont know if it was the best UPF but that one where jeff took all of dan's pog's was pretty good

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It does seem like people liked this one less then the first, but biggest bummer I don't know about that. There would be an argument for biggest disappointment of the year but then Destiny came out.

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2K is always a little stingy on details before release of there sports games. Having said that the only reason I am even considering buying this game is because of the Career mode, and the lack of solid details about it worries me. That combined with the fact that this is the first "next gen" iteration of this series makes me want to be the "you should probably wait for reviews" guy on this one. And in case anyone was wondering Alex tweeted out the embargo lifts on Tuesday.

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All versions of this game are on fire dont try to start flame wars pls

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As much as I love the wolf among us I really wish TT would stop doing episodic games and just put them all out at once.

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Hopefully he got tired of writing about rampancy. They kind of have to nail ME4 or its going to be the Medal of Honor "we cant make another one of these for a while" situation all over again.

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If drew thinks that MGS was crazy he hasn't seen anything yet.

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The first puzzle quest is pretty great and on pretty much everything, though I dont remember if it has co-op or not

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@zeik: I wouldn't say I hated it but it definitely felt a little thin at the time