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Good luck Patrick. At least we will always have that PT .gif, and that time you beat Chris Remo's very good daily run.

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Guys, I'm going to make a bold statement here, that many of you may disagree with, but you know deep down in your hearts I'm 100% right.

Seth Rollins is the single best thing the WWE have going for them right now.

I would argue NXT is the single best thing in the WWE right now. But if we are talking about single individuals, ya sure, its a bar so low I could step over it but why not. Though I reserve the right to change my opinion if this new 2sweed, "I am the Grinch" thing works out for Cesaro

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I really like DA:I but its not what I want out of a Bioware game. Before Inquisition came out I went back and god mode'ed through origins and II just as a refresher on the lore, and at no point during those play throughs did I feel like what I was doing was filler. Where as DA:I it feels like there are entire zones that are just there to pad out your play time. There are way too many table quests that take 4-24 hours to do with no way of doing them other then waiting, and at some point you just want to finish.

The most damning thing that I can say about DA:I is that after I finished it I was done with it, where as every Bioware game since the original mass effect I finished it and then immediately wanted to go do another play through.

Also the last like 1-2 hours were by far the most interesting parts of the story but they never do anything with it other then set up another sequel.

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Inquisition is kinda busted on the PC even after they fixed a lot of the launch problems, the only way it runs playable for me is to use the recommended settings and then turn most of the stuff that I don't care about like water reflections and shadows down farther. And even then it still hard crashes or breaks my video drivers from time to time.

There are a lot of little PC specific problems with DA:I that all come off as someone at EA said "Meh its good enough".

Though admittedly I am playing on a 4 year old system at this point using a 6860.

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Was I crazy or did the WWE really switch up the booking style for this Raw? We saw a lot of promo work from people who don't normally get promos, and there was a lot less reliance on backstage segments in favour of post-match talking or pre-match talking.

I really enjoyed tonight's Raw. Three hours is still too damn long, but for about two and a half hours it was really, really good.

Oh and Seth Rollins totally killed it.

I wouldn't get too excited about people suddenly getting promo's. There apparently was a house show tonight on the same time as raw, so like half the roster (including Ambrose) was scheduled for that.

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@oscar__explosion: So if you do this for MGS3 are you going to count the ladder as a boss fight?

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I really hope E3 is properly crazy with new stuff this year because if whats announced is all that's coming out I am a tepid "meh" going into 2015

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So wait they had an older wrestler dress up as santa and it wasn't Mick Foley? did Vince think this was one of the 3 days this year he wasn't dressing up as santa?


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I am super tempted to get this since its on steam sale but I don't know if there's enough of this game out right now to be worth it or should I wait for book 2?

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So Minecraft is finally becoming a game?

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@dizzyhippos said:

So Minecraft is finally becoming a game?

The irony of these post is that Minecraft in its current sandbox - emergent gameplay form is actually way more of a game than most traditional videogames due to its huge possibilities of player choice.

And in fact game theory-design wise Tell Tale "games" are more like linear interactive stories. Talk about erroneous pre conceived notions of what a video game is or could be.

@fazzle It has no score, you can't level up, you can't kill stuff... It can't be a videogame!

"Make your own fun" things are not games there level editors without a game to export to :^)