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Glad to hear Kimi just messed up his ankle

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I have to imagine those barriers are really sturdy, makes you realize how hard kimi hit it

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If only kobayashi had a better car to work with his super human reflexes

Ya but you could say that about everyone thats not hamilton and rossberg

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Geeze I wonder how long its going to take them to fix that barrier

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So fair warning for anyone else that is considering going back in and playing though with the DLC on the PC, you have to buy the ME2 DLC though the bioware social thing, and the ME3 DLC is buried somewhere on origin. I had to launch the game then click the DLC button to bring up an overlay of origin to get to it. This is a really dumb problem to be having in 2014.

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This game series really needs an HD collection with all the dlc included for PS4 and X1, make it happen EA! Im itching to play the games again but rumours of that new collection showing up are stopping me..

And that is why I bought the PC versions, if anyone's interest you can get the PC versions (which all look amazing) for $30;

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@ll_exile_ll: How is the story in bring down the sky? I wasn't really a fan of the vehicle stuff in ME1 so it's put me off getting it but ME1 is also the only Mass Effect game I don't have all the achievements in so I kinda want to get it.

Don't expect much from it. It's another one of those side missions where you drive around to several Ikea buildings while taking out turrets and enemies. Shouldn't it be free? I got mine for free on PC if I recall.

I think it came with all the PC versions originally but I could be wrong if memory serves the PC version of ME1 came out way after the fact

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Thanks for the advice, fun fact mass effect 1 has to be run in compatibility mode already, and at least on the PC people are still playing mass effect 3's multiplayer.

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So because I am a terrible person I am considering going back and playing through mass effects 1-3 for what will be like my 6th time though total. But I have never bought any of the DLC because by the time any of it had come out I had already played though the game it relates to like 4 times. So with that in mind to get all the DLC its like $70 are there any of them that just straight out are not worth getting?

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So does the steam version of this come with all the content from DW8 and XL or is it just a weird stripped down version with only XL content?

Yes, the Complete Edition includes the content from both DW8 and XL. I've read some people say that some amount of the DLC is not included currently, but will be released in the future.

The main thing I'd caution you about before buying is that many people are complaining on the Steam forum about the game's limited controller support, so if you're only interested in playing the game with a gamepad, you may want to research the issue a bit first.

thanks for the heads up but I have been playing pc games long enough to know that somethings always broken. Thanks for the warning though