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I think what it really comes down to is if you consider the mods for half life part of the package for it, if you count counter strike DOD TF2 etc etc like I do, I think it changes the argument

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nitric said:
"basement dwelling nerdmits are the scum of the gaming community, back to your caves!
No your right lets all be A holes and play Halo on XBL and call people fags when we kill them or get killed by them
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For the record I think Halo would of been a better game had it come out first on PC

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So I really dont care for Halo, I cant put my finger on what it is I dont like about that game, any else feel the same way. I think what it is, is that I played half life first.

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People have been saying that PC gaming is dead, but they have been saying that for at least 3 or so years no so there clearly wrong if games keep coming out for it. Although I will admit if Steam ever went away then it would be dead to everyone but MMO people. And also, have you ever tried playing TF2 or CS on a console its kinda pathetic compared to the PC versions. And back on the MMO thing if PC games are dead then how is Blizzard making $149,500,000 a month?

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ya but what about those of us that have insomnia then capitanm1?

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Leone do not use IE6 whatever problems you have they will be worse in IE6 go ahead and just try the main page of the site and you will see what I mean.

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Penny arcade nailed the nintendo press conference best      "were rich as fuck heres some shit you dont care about"

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its in one of the videos from E3 on the site

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Anyone else find it a little messed up that the dude demoing wii musics drums didn't have any shoes or at least socks on? You mean to tell me they couldn't get the guy a pair of Wii Fit socks?