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Hate WWE? Watch TNA, problem solved.

How hard was it to type that with a straight face? But seriously if you hate wwe watch NJPW or Lucha underground.

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@mezmero: Ya if Lucha underground has proved anything its that john morrison was horribly misshandled

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@humanity: Hes ok but raw he needs some seasoning and everyone but the head of the WWE sees it.

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I am starting to think that the WWE thinks everyone on the internet is a bunch of snarks, when in truth everyone is on the internet beyond the people that are interested in the inside baseball stuff.

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@lausebub said:

As a fan of Giant Bomb, I can't escape wrestling. So can anyone explain to me what's causing all the turmoil right now?

they are very poorly pushing someone that isnt ready to be pushed over people that are clearly ready to be pushed.

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@meatball: Ya but isnt live for that like 3am?

And if your sad about the RR you could always go youtube aztec warfare, which again was amazing.

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Apparently the WWE stock fell like a point over night, it will be very telling of how many people canceled by what it closes at this afternoon.

So having only casually fallowed the WWE for the last year or so after being a lapsed fan I have to ask. Are you guys pissed because Reigns won, or because they shit on ambrose ziggler wyatt and bryan, and then Reigns won.

Also anyone that wants to keep the network for NXT, you could just get hulu plus instead its all on there.

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At this point shouldn't the rumble winner prediction be Roman Reigns or the field? Certainly feels that way.

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No roman I am pretty sure I don't like you because your stiff and being pushed down our throats. Not that I hate him for that fact, if I was getting pushed to the moon regardless of my ability I would shut up and go with it as well.

Good luck to the rumble being anywhere near as good as aztec warfare was though.

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Lucha underground was deffinately an off episode this week, they need to give sexy star something to do other then just getting beat up for 70% of the match only to come back and win.