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Well, those people aren't going to respond to this thread, are they...

Yeah, I was gonna say...


If a tree falls in the woods, does it make a sound?

Yes, it does.

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A season 8 ... in Star Trek??? What is this blasphemy?

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Take a cryptology course. Learn how to code all your messages. Make sure you and your friends all know the system. If we all work together, we can beat the NSA! They'll never be able to figure out what I'm calling the dude on the other end of the PlayStation Network! Also, make sure that you and your friends speak in code too.

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Why don't you hate Valve then, for making you install Steam when you want to just play an Origin game?

I also have Steam, Origin and GOG installed, and it's no big deal. It's like going to a pizza place and getting annoyed because they don't sell burgers; different shops sell different things.

Well, it's more like going to a pizza place and getting annoyed because they don't sell pepperoni pizzas and you have to walk a block down to the pizza shop that sells only pepperoni pizzas and nothing else, all to get the pepperoni pizza you wanted.

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I vote for Pacific Rim because giant mech suits and kaiju. And Ron fuckmothering Perlman.

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I can not wait for when people figure out how to mod in a high res texture pack that will have to be custom made.

The game is going to look EVEN WEIRDER with weirdly high res textures.

It'll happen. Just wait.

That sounds cool and all, but I'm waiting for the wall-crawler mod that makes them less tedious. Or completely removes them, either one would be good.

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With out this thread i would have not known that a pac man wii u game exists.

Same. I assume (too lazy to google it) it's Pacman Championship Edition DX HD... WiiU ... Superspectacular ... Origins* or something, but you know, that game on the WiiU could be very appealing.

*... Reckoning.

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Completely out of context I thought this was an anti-smoking message. "Oh? You want to light that child's cigarette? Well, why don't you simply set them on fire and just get it over with."

After reading the comments at polygon, I think I was happier that way.

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In reality all lets play videos should be put forward to devs/publishers on whether to allow them or not or even take a cut off the top.

You'll be thrilled to know that actually for most games this is what happens. On youtube it is not permitted to put up game content (video or audio) unless the youtube channel holder has the required rights. There are some games that offer the rights freely without any additional effort required from the youtuber, but most (Activision games, EA, Microsoft games, Sony etc etc) do not. In order to put videos up with content from games like that, most gaming youtubers find it easier to join a gaming network. The network runners will do the negotiations and compliance requirements, the video makers can just make the videos.

I was also going to mention that TB doesn't do Let's Plays, but I suppose his collab videos with Jesse Cox while they play Terraria is technically a let's play and it has finally returned after a couple of years hiatus, presumably to help promote the new 1.2 patch content seeing as the devs gave them early access to restart the series.