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The recent Annoyed Gamer Mark Beer talks to Jimmothy Sterling about Deadly Premonition and licks his shoes for all the help Jim's review did for the game. But GB did more for this game than the game really deserved, kinda gross how he didn't acknowledge that fact, oh well tosspots!

I highly doubt that the couple of dozens of individuals on giantbomb interested in Deadly Premonition had something to do with its non-failure, since I wouldn't call it a success.

To be fair, DP topped the amazon 360 sales charts (beating Battlefield Bad Company 2 and whatever COD came out that year) the week GB started their ERs, something like 2 months after it's release (so it wouldn't have only been hype for 'oh you have to play this wacky game'). Maybe those two incidents are completely separate but if not, it wouldn't be the first time this website produced interesting amazon purchasing decisions. *coughzojirushicough*

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You may be thinking, " who the hell does he think he is, diagnosing society with his lack-you-betcha-degree-in-mental-health." (I think this is so clever.)

If you not thinking this, you're either A) lying to yourself because you just read it in your head or B) skipped over that part by chance to see if this post will be worth another second of your precious life.

Actually I was thinking that the 'breeds' in the title should be singular. I don't know where that falls on your scale.

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All video content (free and premium) from about a month and a half before Ryan died. The only thing I've kept up with is the bombcast, but not the premium podcast things. It's going to be kind of weird to eventually watch some of that stuff I'm sure.

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To be fair, phase boots cost 1350 and give you 22 damage. A claymore is 1400 and gives you 21 damage with the option to build into shadow blade later. If you really think you needed more speed and damage sooner rather than later but you already had treads, perhaps a blade of alacrity and build towards a yasha-into-manta more focussed build.

Your original decision of phase boots as a second pair was, I don't want to say wrong, but there were better options for items that you wouldn't have had to resell until the really stupid lategame where you might suddenly want all the superbig items. Unfortunately it sounds like instead of people who rationally offer suggestions for 'next time' so that you could see some possibilities, you were playing with the type of people who think players will get better if they shout at them enough. Only a small amount of players will get better if you shout at them. Mostly it just turns people off.

All in all it was just a silly situation that sadly escalated from one questionable decision.

(PS desolator is awesome on sniper in the right situations. Sounds like it turned out fine.)

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We don't tip here.

While it's probably less so in the big cities like Sydney and Melbourne who get the brunt of the tourists/overseas business travellers etc etc and would be a little more used to it, in our town I have seen on several occasions that tipping (and it's always the tourists) can actually be almost offensive to the server, who suddenly feels like the customers are seeing them as a sort of charity case.

In years gone by when cash payments were more common, most tips left on the table were often mistaken as the customers forgetting to wait for their change, or accidentally leaving the wrong amount and trying to chase them down before they drove off.

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Looks like a job for Jean Baudin.

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I think my favorite part of Saints of Rage is that it goes. I thought it'd just be a cute one level thing. But no. It kept on going and never felt old or gimmicky. They went for it and fuck...it worked.

I think my least favourite part of Saints of Rage is that it goes. I thought it'd just be a cute one level thing. But no. It kept on going.

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I did a barrel roll through that part (well to be fair, I did one the entire time) and scrapped (literally) by the first go. Maybe try spinning? I actually didn't know you could fail that part. I just figured it was pretending to be interactive.

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If you don't play Saints immediately, chances are you'll have heard about everything there is to hear about by the time you do, thus leaving no discovery for yourself. EU is not going to have 'moments' quite like SR4 should.