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I have a significantly weaker left shoulder from a childhood injury, so anything that involves too much use of that.

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@oldenglishc: Maybe try Gifted Young* (pronounced youngstar)? a) they can't sue you, b) lots of stuff rhymes with star.

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I already got Diablo III for consoles May last year, don't need another.

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I like the default. So much so that this is actually an uploaded version, so that if the default ever changes I'll still have this.

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Anti-Western Sentiment

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Both of my dogs do it occasionally. It's adorable.

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I'm keeping with my tradition of buying the previous year's Magic the Gathering game with a 75% discount after the newest one has released. It's usually like 8-10 bucks with all the dlc included.

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So are the twitter accounts @xboxsupport1 and @xboxsupport the same then? Seems redundant.

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Probably Dead or Alive: Paradise or that Deadly Creatures Wii game thing.