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Map of where the Xbox One will and won't work at launch:

The hits, they just keep coming.

You missed Tasmania :P Although, it would be incredibly hilarious if it just didn't launch there as per this nice graphic.

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I was hoping maybe it was a Harmonix/Cards Against Humanity prank, but I guess not :(

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John Doe.

Apparently it wasn't Digger, just someone who had facial reconstruction to look like Digger because ... well, because. I'm pretty sure I once read the creator giving an explanation on how the show would have gone and it made me kind of glad it didn't. Shit got stupid, and not in the good way.

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The Muppet Show.

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I liked shock jockey, but did anyone ever find a non-story required gate/door it could open. I always kept an eye out but I must have missed them.

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Hey guys, I really screwed up the giveaways I was going to do by shoving up those Sega Genesis things. I totally forgot those would count as 15 giveaways, not 5, and I ran out of giveaway slots. Finally got one back.

Contributor value of $123.45 required.

I've been meaning to thank you for this. I really hope that I win it. Either way, I think it's about time that more people start making giveaways for people who actually contribute.

Not necassarily, I mean the group giveaways usually only have about 30 or so entries, which gives a chance that is a lot higher than public giveaways. Though of course if it's something really new and desirable like Moonlight's last few, more people will turn up but even then it's only about 60-70 entries.

To be completly honest, when I was first going to put mine up, I was only going to put a $30.01 value on it. Then I discovered I couldn't put it up (because I'm thick, durr). Later, when Moonlight put theirs up, I felt better about setting a higher number on mine, because everyone had a shot with the other one.

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For some odd reason I can't see the poll (either vote or see results - I can't even see the options). But I would have picked 4 Swords Adventures (the one on the Gamecube). It's the only one that I outright hated (but that may be due to me not liking 2D Zelda games or multiplayer - so putting it together is just the worst for me.

I think most (if not all) polls ported over in the site redesign were broken in doing so.

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@dizzymedal: Do you still have the receipt? If you do, return it. If you don't, then you deserve it!

Lol, sadly it's also 3 years old, so it's outside of its warranty or any return period. These things just aren't made to last forever :(

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Going to go ahead and jump right into this and say it is software related someone switch your keyboard layout. Go into your control panel switch to classic view and their should be an option called regional and language open this use the tabs to switch the view to keyboards and language options their should be an option to change keyboards click that and you should just have to select English (United States) and your keyboard will be back to normal. If this doesn't work you may have some sort of software installed doing switching without you knowing check your installed programs.

Thanks for the suggestion about the languages, but it didn't work. And the only thing I've installed recently is reinstalling Starcraft. I think this thing is just dying, sadly. Certainly a weird way to go, though.