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Not any more. I did (a lot) when I was younger, but as I get older I find my recovery time increases substantially and I'm of the type who cannot have just one drink, so it's better to not have any at all.

Great way to save money, too.

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Would be more interesting if it also had a circle pad/analog nub type thing on there and cost no more than $30. $80 is insulting.

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Almost. I bought Kirby's Epic Yarn and Return to Dreamland when the latter launched, as there was a deal to get Epic Yarn for ten bucks. Hard to pass up, especially as an excuse to dust off and turn on my Wii in the first time in ages.

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I was hoping it would come out before Diablo 3. Then again, who knows when that game will release either.

And I guess better late than broken.

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Dear EA,

Fuck you.

Love DJ_Lae

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That's awesome. I like in an apartment so space is tight for all of the equipment, but I have fermented my own beer using a kit before (the wet kits, not the dry ones). You can still tweak them a bit to your liking (adding oats or coffee and cloves to a stout or a handful of varieties of hops to an IPA) but you get to skip the wort step and cooldown which is where most of the mess happens, in my experience.

Like a decent wine kit, the wet kits aren't cheap, though. But you still get about 23L of beer (maybe 60 bottles) for about $40. Here in Canada, at least, that's significantly less than beer from a liquor store, and as long as you don't screw up the sanitizing process, it'll taste far better too.

I only stopped doing it because I found that having so much beer lying around was an incredible, I didn't have adequate cold storage for all the beer, which cut down on its shelf life a bit. I do miss it, though, that kit made a fantastic stout.

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I'm surprised Sony didn't buy them earlier, but good for Sucker Punch.

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It would be irresponsible of me to deprive future generations of the awesomeness of my genes.

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More than I should, but I'd have more if I could get Steam to reliably install across my other hard drives. My 750GB main is full of 500GB of games, but the other ~3.5TB I have on my computer are largely unused (except for media).

Non Steam games:

  • Witcher 2
  • Neverwinter Nights Diamond
  • Heroes of Might and Magic 3
  • Diablo 2
  • Drakensang
  • Chronicles of Riddick
  • Guild Wars
  • Two Worlds
  • LotR Online
  • Planescape Torment
  • Baldur's Gate 2
  • Shadowrun
  • Viva Pinata

And I'm probably forgetting a few.

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I would be depriving the world of a whole lot of awesomeness if I didn't keep my genes moving into the future of humanity.

I went through a "Oh man, kids are gross, they're too much of a hassle, they'd rob me of my happiness," phase as well. You grow out of it. Well, most people do. And having kids is an awesome experience. I can instill my values on a malleable mind and raise one (or two) fantastic human being. I feel obligated to, with so many idiots spawning out there. The world needs more great people.