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I was living in a different city and had a job in the civil service. They'd put a TV on in a break room for anyone to watch the news about the horrible event if they so desired. I live in the UK but I'll never forget seeing the live TV feed. One plane had already crashed. I watched with horror as the other plane crashed into the second tower on live television.

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You can grab a free copy of the PC version of Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger from Origin. Looks like this offer is open until early September 2014. I won't be taking advantage of this because I don't use Origin and I already have a copy of the 3DO (yes 3DO) version.

For those that don't already know, this is a space flight combat game heavily laden with FMV scenes featuring Mark Hamill, Malcolm McDowell, John Rhys-Davies and Tom Wilson. I recall that the space combat was ok but I mainly played it for the FMV side of things. Anyone else gonna grab it?

Dave, Vinny and Brad also did a subscriber-only video of this game back in early 2012.

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@slag said:

Statement from Gamespot

A GameSpot representative acknowledged the cuts, saying, "GameSpot did some shifting of internal resources as part of our long-term content and user engagement strategy. A few positions were impacted.

Translation in my mind, we are shifting to primarily being a video site.

Sounds about right.

Also, that statement from a GameSpot representative is horrendously robotic and bereft of any sympathy for those affected. Talk like a human being for God's sake.

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Lucked out and beat the first heroic boss on my first try, 45 health? 2 mana summon a 4/4 every turn? WTF.

It looks like the Heroic Spider boss is going to be practically impossible without a specialized deck. 0 MANA, RETURN 2 ENEMY CREATURES TO THEIR HAND, WHO THOUGHT THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA.

The "Sap" power of Maexxna is fairly exploitable. Use minions with useful battlecries such as Charge and Heal. Maexxna will always use her hero power before playing any cards every turn on Heroic. It took me a few attempts but I eventually beat Heroic Maexxna with a fairly standard "Face Hunter" Deck.

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and the third boss was able to target my Fairy Dragon with it's hero power.

The hero power of the third boss, Maexxna does not target specific minions. The targets are chosen randomly, so there's always a chance that your Faerie Dragon will return to your hand. If it's the only minion you have out it will definitely return to your hand.

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There seems to be some potentially interesting counters to existing plays. I'm very curious to see what new strategies develop from all of this.

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The day before it's released, they've now unveiled all the new cards in the Naxxramas expansion.

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One more little thing to add to the release date info. I've just discovered that Tues 22nd July is for the Americas region. It will be released in the Euro region on Wednesday 23rd July. Presumably this staggered release may be in order to ease server demand or something.

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... but people already don't play Ancestral Healing or Ancestral Spirit, like, ever, even at very casual ranks (like 25-16).

I tried playing Ancestral Healing and found it to be a mostly useless card and so dumped it. I do play 1 copy of Ancestral Spirit though for funzies. I wait for the right moment to play it on either a Fire Elemental or Alakir. I played a game against a Mage earlier today where I managed to bait out both his Polymorphs before I played Alakir with Ancestral Spirit. He couldn't handle it and lost the game.