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Outside links are generally discouraged, but there's no hard rule against them.

The only links I would consider putting are official ones such as its official website.

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Long before the site relaunch in 2013 I created a Free PC Games list. In this list I incorporated links to official websites and steam store pages etc. But after the site relaunch, the links no longer work in lists (that I know of). I asked months ago if there was any intention of reinstating the ability to insert links into an item's description in a list but got no response. My question is - Is it OK to put these links on the wiki page for a given game instead? It seems like the next best thing. I have tried to duplicate my list into a blog post but it is far too fiddly and messy to maintain.

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Plenty of valid points being made here. Thanks for all the illuminating information everyone. It kinda makes Rock Paper Shotgun's original article look incomplete and lacking research. Obviously the legal system is very complicated. I understand why the opposition was made by King (the "Trademark Dance" as someone in a previous post put it) but I still think it's silly and a waste of time and money. This is a fruitless pursuit. If they want to set a precedent, set it against someone who is actually infringing.

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Sorry, but it's not, and it never is. Good vs. evil might be fine for our video games, but not for real people in the real world. You can make a much better positive difference trying to understand a company's actual motives (which have been laid out pretty plainly by people more knowledgeable than me in this thread) than just passively demonizing them.

You're right, I made a mistake there.

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Rock Paper Shotgun have reported on King's legal opposition to Stoic's use of the word Saga.

Trademarking common words isn't unheard of ("Apple " for example) but King's legal opposition to Stoic's use of the word "Saga" is completely ridiculous. The article linked above explains the situation very well. It's a classic case of big evil filthy rich company trying to step on the little guy. It just seems like they are trying to exploit the legal system for their own ends. The article also gives a link to King's contact page.So if you want to voice your protest against this and support Stoic in some small way at the same time then now's your chance.

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Hopefully it'll be like Bioshock 2, and we'll be able to use the GFWL key in Steam

I agree but I think it depends on what each developer decides to do. They won't all necessarily do the same thing.

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This article has a detailed list of certain titles and what the current plans of the relevant developer is. And this is a reassuring article about Capcom titles.

It sounds like developers will either have to remove GFWL from a game entirely or use an alternative (such as Steamworks) for the title to continue to work. I'm only assuming this from what I can scratch together from the news though. Another issue is the question of X360 controller functionality. If a developer simply removes GFWL presumably that could remove the ability to play that game with a controller unless they patch controller functionality back in.

I don't think Microsoft has officially announced the closure of the service yet so that might explain the uncertainty at the moment. If anyone hears anything more solid, I would love to know.

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Youtube has set in motion the process of it's own demise, it's only a matter of time.

I think YouTube will continue despite their best efforts to upset everyone that watches and/or creates gaming videos. But I would not be surprised if the gaming community gradually migrates to another service (Twitch? *insert video service here*?) that fills the void created by YouTube's failings. I keep imagining another big company out there taking advantage of this situation by creating a new and competent video service on a par with YouTube specifically for gaming without all the fuck ups that YouTube has created.

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it would have been better for him to challenge it with youtube directly than to make this video response expecting validation from everyone else.

I think TotalBiscuit mentioned somewhere (can't remember where) that he originally tried to deal with this quietly behind the scenes. Maybe that didn't work out so he decided to put this video up to not only expose Wild Games Studio's shady practice but also the flaws in Youtube's reporting system. Plus, putting this video up also serves his original intention. That of protecting the consumer from buying shitty games, so-to-speak.

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Plenty of other people have already said this about this incident but it looks like this will suffer from the Streisand Effect. Another Youtuber, Nerd3, has also put up a video about this situation. The developers Wild Games Studio are clearly in the wrong here. Youtube's Copyright Violation Reporting System is horrendously open to abuse. I remember that Angry Video Game Nerd's Youtube channel suddenly disappeared a while ago and all because some random idiot(s) that don't like him submitted false copyright infringement claims. The channel was eventually restored but these sorts of things simply shouldn't happen. Get your act together Youtube. You claim you want to improve your image and encourage better quality content. But if the creators are being unfairly treated like this they will be forced to move elsewhere.

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Doesn't change the certification process though does it? My understanding is that that was a huge barrier.

This is precisely what I was thinking. Their certification process is horribly complex apparently and appears to put off some indie devs from going through it and ultimately publishing on the platform.