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There are pre-order options up on the D2D page, but I can't seem to find the release date for the UK/EU version. Saw it's out on Steam 31st, and I was wondering if someone with better eyes than me know when this is up for europeans, is it the 31st for D2D too?

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It seems Spore will use your countrys language in-game, and as most know the translations aren't often that great. Most likely it's the language of your OS that dictates what will be used. After searching around I found a fix for this problem: Create a shortcut, select properties and change the shortcut path to "X:\XXX\Sporebin\SporeApp.exe" -L:english if you want it in english. The X'es will be the path for where you installed the game.

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It might be old news for many, but in case anyone missed it, there's quite an excellent podcast dedicated to Company of Heroes. It's called Tales of heroes and located at:

They have both and audio version with general talk about tactics, patches and everything in between, plus an video show which focuses on replays. The basic training episodes are highly recommended for newcomers.