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ME2 is a lot better than ME1. The driving sequences in the first Mass Effect were TERRIBLE (the only bad part about the game that I can remember).

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I got a watch as a b-day gift when I turned 7. I think I wore it a year or two and then the battery died. Haven't worn a watch since then(I'm 21 now). I've been thinking about getting a watch but the nice looking ones are pretty expensive so I haven't bought one yet.

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Is that a blue led in the middle or is that just paint? If it's a LED then it's gonna look really good in a dark room. A silver version of that could be cool.

PS. Is 500GB enough? I know you can change the hard drive but.. Why not go 1TB right away?

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B-but I just played it again for the trading cards thing and I really liked it. I was really surprised how well it still holds up.

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Could the guy who won my Alan Wake Collector's edition giveaway leave me feedback? Thanks.

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