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I buy plenty of indie games that I end up not really playing, mostly because I think they are good or the developers did a good job. These are games I'd love to play and appreciate but end up not finding the time for each and every one of them (there are so many). Sadly I end up only 'really' putting game time into the bigger budget games, like the upcoming Witcher 3.

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My only complaint is that Alex isn't in more content, he should be in more stuff though now and going forward with him and VInny getting things moving etc.

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Are the Telltale games AA? They are totally janky in a lot of ways, just the way characters still move like robots and scenes transition pretty hard a lot of times (lacks millions of dollars in polish). The 2 recent ones, Game of Thrones and Tales of the Borderlands both seem pretty great so far. Costume Quest 2 and Lords of the Fallen are out and about as well.

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Yea most/all modern CPUs preform very well with basic (non-gaming) video requirements, I only have a surface pro 3 to use as an example but that thing only has an i3 and it can run video above 1080p as well as my actual computer (perfectly fine).

Save that money!

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The bombcast has a segment for this sort of thing, if you want them to talk about something just write in and ask them...

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I looked at it this way, early Dragon Age plus BF4 for $30 (along with whatever else within 1 year), seemed like a good deal to me. Now that it's been seen that the early dragon age was simply a demo... I'm kinda disappointed cause I thought the original wording was the game unlocks 5 days early, not I get a few hours to play for a bit. It's still great, just I set myself up to expect something that it wasn't, and I do think the wording at first must have leaned into what I thought probably because they didn't know what actual form the early unlock would take at the time.

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I could have sworn on some video content it was mentioned that Drew had compiled a google doc or something of all the discs they'd received so far, I'm wondering where that is or if I am out of my mind. I'd hate to be sending them stuff they already have, on top of the fact that they will probably never end up getting to most of the discs anyways (seems like they have received dozens already)

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Currently blasting through rifts with random peeps, so keeping it short!

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@ll_exile_ll: I'm aware of that, Halo 4 does however have the exact same combat model as the past Halo games... it's a Halo game. The combat is what I was talking about.

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I was hoping regardless of the cap that it would be slow, but it seems that won't be the case for the first 20 levels. I wonder how fast it will be to get levels of 'light', and it seems they come via turn ins with that vendor but also maybe on gear too? Interesting stuff, gearing for levels possibly :)

Considering all you seem to get with levels is 'new' abilities unlocked and all the stats come puring from gear this isn't exactly that crazy, if anything the game could have had zero levels and just unlock abilities based on number of enemies kills or even go deeper and have a system like the new wolfy game where you do specific actions to unlock perks, silent takedown 20 dudes for a whatever whatever.

I didn't play Halo 4 so it was a long time since I enjoyed the dynamics of a Bungie shooter, the way they do combat situations is so much fun for me and I missed it. The beta showed me that the fun I had in the past is in their formula still, plus it has some lovely mechanics from other games I love (the loot and it's reliance on co-op at a fairly core level) so the recipe they are making their game from is something I'm salivating over already. I look forward to having fun with my friends via this game, and I'm glad it's already as popular as it seems to be (almost 5mil folks checked out the dang beta) so that future content is vastly secured.