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You know why this is interesting? You know why everyone on this site should be at least paying attention? Because I think it's the first potential Operating System to be built with the purpose of playing video games at it's core... Windows runs games great and I adore it because it's the easiest place right now to play all of the video games ever pretty much... but Windows is legacy, it's old as fuck and the fact that it runs games is almost a happenstance, barring any surprise interest shown from Microsoft once the Xbox One era for them gets going I highly doubt they will be pushing gaming on Windows any harder than they have already, there's been almost zero effort publicly put forth from them for gaming on computers and even the way the 360 controller has found new life on the PC has way more to do with Valve and Steam pushing it's integration in an official way than anything else, it's lucky and it's sad for Microsoft.

So why should you care about an operating system purportedly built for games? How could you NOT care... your on giantbomb dot com I assume you like video games, maybe even love them, so start showing your love for games and the possibilities for even better games under a possible new platform that could help make them better for you! :)

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@soulcake said:

its a streaming client like onlive butt then for you're living room

OnLive was very different, it was mostly the research into a speedy encoding proceedure so large 720p video streams of games on servers could be sent to your home, it's was mostly that. This Steam OS would be basically a game centric distro of Linux I presume, which runs all current Steam games (PC, MAC) and just streams content over your network just like any other media sharing/streaming box you already own like a Roku but the content isn't coming from anywhere other than your own house.

Not to be a dick, Alex, but saying 'living room' over and over again doesn't really clarify what this is supposed to do.

It's an OS you will use on a Game Streaming box... it's a very simple concept. Take what you already have on your PC now (Windows, Mac, Linux) and replace it with the Steam OS... that's basically it, ideally it's set up specifically to work well when streaming games to various displays in your home. May not seem like much if you already got things set up... but if it plays all the current and future Steam game properly (which I imagine is priority number 1 for Valve too) then it's great cause it's a Free OS for gaming, no need to buy a copy of windows just for a box you use to game on your TV, or even your regular monitor/desktop pc even if it's cool enough.

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I'm buying an Xbox One cause I want a new console, and the game I'm basically buying it for is Watch_Dogs. There are some ok looking games, games I'd definitely have rented if that was a thing that still existed... if I get super bored after playing watch_dogs I could see myself grabbing the new assassin's creed, maybe dead rising as well based on the vibe it gets after it's release.

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Yea the thing about the skills is that it's not as if an empty bar makes that particular skill unplayable, the game starts you out as pretty playable and only slightly increases what feels like little perks along the way. Both good and bad, it's only bad cause it doesn't feel at all necessary or satisfying to level anything up other than seeing the bar show you that you leveled up.

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Looks familiar like it's a spoof of something, like maybe it's someone who works at gamespot but done up in the style of some other thing. That's what it looks like to me anyways, sorry I have no idea what it exactly is though.

Try cropping an image of just that logo and do a reverse google image search?

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Well I'm pretty sure it's not meant to be soothing to anyone, it's supposed to be a big deal and make you uncomfortable. it also fills in more of Trevor's mental state, how sociopathic or narcissistic he seems to be when he expresses remorse for something afterwards but absolutely none for the actual act of torturing the guy. Trevor is devoid of that healthy connection to empathy, and only feels something that looks like remorse when it affects his own rules or codes in his head that he deems to be the right ones to follow, in that situation the simple act of being told to do something seems to erk him into keeping the guy alive. Later on (after the credits) there's some more direct and juicy bits that will further clear up why he's broken... here's a hint though, usually what breaks a person is their parents.

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My point is that this whole public scare has really pushed back some of MS plans. These plans will still surely come out, one way or another. And their Family Sharing Plan is just the start.

The 'new' Family Share Plan is from Valve, for Steam and not from Microsoft. All of the things Microsoft talked about with having a shared library of games hasn't been updated since then and it's safe to assume it won't be happening in the near future but more likely later on... at least going by how much they've taken back.

I mean, it seems like you'd have to revamp a lot of things just on a technical level to roll back on the things they already have and the shared library for your xbox one games was kinda a central part to the system, it's pretty safe to assume that will get a delay while they re-work all that so people don't flip out again :(

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Never really had a problem with their original plan, really don't care anymore just hurry up NOV. and bring on the games.

I'm actually sad most of the great stuff they talked about seems like it has been delayed for now, the gifting of digital games etc I have no idea if that stuff still exists or will exist at launch and all that. I EVEN forgot that all games will have digital versions day 1.... thankfully that seems to still be true, despite NO information on it since the very first info given in like fuckin march... I freaked myself out because I was looking for where to pre-order watch_dogs and there's a mention of it being digital for ps4, and zero mention one way or the other for anything else...

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Does anyone know what the next game to "unlock" for above-average purchasers might be?

I can't wait for Spelunky to be put in one of these.

I was so sad that all these games are games I own, cept trine but.... iunno bout dat trine. But seeing you mention wanting spelunky... THAT is a game I'd love to get via a bundle for SURE!

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Does anyone know what the next game to "unlock" for above-average purchasers might be?

I can't wait for Spelunky to be put in one of these.

I was so sad that all these games are games I own, cept trine but.... iunno bout dat trine. But seeing you mention wanting spelunky... THAT is a game I'd love to get via a bundle for SURE!