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Kinda mediocre, has something to it's aesthetic (the UI theme/tone) and it's basic mechanics but it doesn't really develop things past a point, I felt very quickly like I was on the "now do what you've been doing over and over until you run out of missions" about 2-3 hours in, the 'quests' are the most basic quests that can exist in video games, and that's about all there is to the game.

There's something there though even if it's just hinted at. If you're the kinda person that would enjoy a top down action shooter like diablo and if mediocre isn't a swear word to you then this definitely can have some value. To me this feels similar to State of Decay though for that game it's a lot more developed and it's inherit systems in a sandbox open world is a bit more compelling than "diablo game on a tiny island with like 3 types of zombies... forever". Just feels underdeveloped overall, would love to see this do ok for the studio and for them to make a more fully featured game with similar mechanics.

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I thought I was going to get a console specifically for Watch_Dogs, but after the push of it's release date I have had to cone to terms that I will probably still buy the console anyways. I haven't pre-ordered one though, cause I know I'll get one eventually and frankly it's likely I can walk into a store on launch day and find one anyways. I should also mention I'm buying the 'other' console , so maybe it's easier for that one? Hah, frankly cause I have a decade of experience with how that company runs their shit and I'll take tried and true over promises even if those promises are exactly the ones that are needed.

Iunno what games I want at launch, prolly AC4. Another big reason for my choice in console is the games, I've never been invested in any of the 'big' franchises on the playstation at all, and while the ones shown for the ps4 look pretty rad they just don't have that hold on me like they could have if I'd loved them earlier, also the few ones for the xbox one are actually ones that do interest me, specifically Below and I really dig how Remedy makes their games after Alan Wake so prolly whatever they do with their first new game Quantum Break and if they get around to Alan Wake later on I'm totally down for that. I also dig the way the hardware looks too, totally doesn't matter but I just think the look is more up my alley.

I think the only bummer is that I'll prolly be locked out of Naughty Dog once again, though I did get a ps3 to play Last of Us anyways. We'll see how that one turns out though it wouldn't be surprising if at least their first game is still exclusive. I'd love to see them pull a Bungie and split to start making even more money via making games for everything, I don't think any one company can pay you the same amount you'd make from having a great game on more platforms, their games are so rad.

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Jeff yelling gamespot dot com was a running thing for the Hotspot podcast, check the thing out if you dig Bombcast you'd prolly fuckin' love Hotspot. There is a 'best of' podcast done by 'This Year In' that covers a few years of that podcast, and I think at the end they run a whole bunch if not all of the yelling lol. Fun stuff.

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I tried desperately to make a female character that didn't look like a dude in drag... seems 95% of the time I fail, I think only the black grandparents offer up a female looking female character some of the time and anyone else it's dude lookin' ladies. Crazy, almost reminds me of Oblivion style monstrosities haha.

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Can't even access the socialclub site itself... I assume high traffic on the game in all forms is going to make actually playing any part of it that's connected to the net a no go for most of today :S INTERNET WOES!

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@zerosignal: yup and if you relaunch the game, go into SP first then launch MP from there it kinda looks different a bit but ultimately stalls at the same point, waiting to connect to peeps. Would have been smoother if it didn't force you to connect to a match the first thing out of the gate, at least let you wander and select the mission manually or something :S iunno.

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@clonedzero: Yea... as soon as I was told to walk 10miles in the desert, and seeing that it's a SMALL area relative to 10miles and going out of it resets your distance... how fuckin' dumb is that :( Judging by how fast I was able to make it running .7 miles I think that's easily a 30min or longer deal... real shitty :(

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I wonder if having John Marston as your daddy is a one time thing... I fiddled around a bit there then hit random and it turned him into a fully random daddy just like my mommy... and after that I couldn't seem to change it back to marston :S Oh well... I made a pretty lady that sleeps 10 hours a day, while I stay awake trying to connect into this online video game!!!!

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Whatever tool gets Watch_Dogs into my veins the fastest is the only thing I care about. Oh and seeing as the only upcoming indie title shown for the consoles that I have 'any' interest in is Below, and for the Xbox One, that's the one I'll prolly grab (also the ps4 still has a lot of promises for online service to live up to.. AND I play games on my 16:10 monitor which still isn't supported at all by my ps3... so.... )

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Just another reason I refuse to ever buy digital on Consoles. They expect you to throw out your library every 4-5 years and buy a whole new one. At Least on PC there's usually some work around or some bunch of crazies out there still supporting a game long after it came out.

Doesn't the same apply to disc games? Downloadable games will continue to work on your old Xbox 360 just as well as those disc games as far as I know.

The largest reasons for PC games working over the years isn't related to Steam directly, it's the way Windows itself handles legacy content and how much of a slave it is to it's legacy in general... XP apps still run pretty well on Windows 8 for example (I'm sure not all... but a lot).

I'm vastly less likely however to keep and run an XP box for the games that only work on there, than to hang onto an old console for some games... though honestly I don't often play games that old :S I keep them for sure... but play them? I'm too busy playing current video games or games release within the last year etc.

Who is throwing out an entire gaming library every 4-5 years? My 360 is older than that (2005 was 8 years ago right?) and those games still works perfectly fine, I am playing GTA V on it right now! I'll still prolly be playing GTA V later next year too on and off I bet... I don't have to re-buy anything like crusader implies by his choice of words.

I think it's easy to forget the actual nature of PC games on Windows and think that it's Steam that keeps those games working, Valve does some work to keep some stuff ok but there are plenty of games that don't work on newer versions of Windows and it's just as crappy feeling as if you were to try and put your copy of GUN for the 360 into your shiny new Xbox One and think it was going to work :S