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I'm about to start my 5th year at Xavier University (Cincinnati, Oh). I switched over to physics from chemistry before my 4th year because I hated my 2 years in chemistry and had been interested in physics since my senior year in high school, but didn't really consider majoring in it at the time.

1. My life was pretty busy during the school week last year due to me taking sophomore and a few junior level physics classes. I assume it will be even more busy this year since I'm trying to finish up this year with the remaining junior level and all of the senior level classes.

2. I very much enjoy my degree. My school's physics department is small (roughly 40-45 students) so I have met a bunch of people which is great since I didn't know anyone at the school until this past year. It has been challenging, but I would trade it for anything else.

3. All of the labs have weekly reports associated with them for the different labs we do. I've had a couple of long papers formatted like they were going to be submitted to a journal.

4. My school does not offer engineering so that wasn't an option. I'm not sure whether I want to go to grad school and if I do it wouldn't be right away. If I do go to grad school I'm not sure what specifically it would be for, I could master in engineering if I wanted to down the road.

edit: I also went from a B-/C+ student for all my gen ed classes to a B+/A- student in Physics for the most part with friends, so that is probably the best thing to come out of all of this.

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I am a very very picky eater. I don't eat many vegetables. Apparently when I was little I would eat pretty much everything, but I guess as I got into elementary/middle school things changed. I have gotten a little bit better about things in the past few years, I'll now eat lettuce and corn. Never had mayo. Don't know how things have gone this long like this.

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Definitely S'mores, not toasted. I eat that shit raw.

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I live in the swing state of Ohio... so, Political Simulator?

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Cincinnati, Oh, USA

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I think the show is fairly well made in general, but when I watch it it's mostly just for the Dr. Doofenschmirtz comedy. That character is pretty hilarious.

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Twenty One Pilots- specifically Car Radio and Guns for Hands

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$ 66.55 Million

I was surprised to see the opening numbers of the last one as low as they were, that being said I did not see it, nor do have any plans to see this one right now

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As others have said, the end of Toy Story 3 and Forrest Gump (2 separate scenes for me). Also I cried at the end of Gran Torino when I watched it.

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I love that guy's facial expressions, they help make this amazing.