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I've said this before, but damn... why did he have to die on my birthday? I can't stop thinking of him on the date. Also, after the date, I generally miss him from the site. Biggest bastard I ever loved that I didn't actually know.

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Ryan died on my birthday which is coming around again soon. My 18th birthday as well. Needless to say I will never fucking forget it. Still sad as fuck nearly a year later.

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@natedynamic: Don't worry duder, of course I gave you a thumbs up! You're family so my criticism is irrelevant to my level of support! :D

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I was just going to give some feedback. I'm not going to be one of those guys that completely wipes you out because I believe it is important to follow your dreams. I just didn't find it very funny and through your delivery was a little confusing. I didn't quite get what you were trying to get across and you seemed a little nervous. You also seemed to move from topic to topic extremely fast without actually making any funny observations or telling much jokes. I am British though so what do I know. I am just trying to give some constructive criticism here, I swear I am not trying to put you down or anything. Keep continuing with it now because practice makes perfect and who the hell am I to tell you that you cannot achieve your dreams?

Also be more confident because you come across as being very nervous. The punchlines fell a little flat so more enthusiasm would be cool too. The zombie idea could be funnier with more work and better delivery. The 'wear a condom,' last line floored me though, I don't know quite what you meant.

Good luck to you though duder and follow your dream. Certainly don't let anyone get you down, not even me! :)

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I wouldn't mind an invite to a crew if anyone has one, I have no mic but I could be useful... maybe.

Psn: lif3isp3achyboyo

Rockstar Social Club: lif3isp3achy

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Wow. Now when I skim a wikipedia page, what reviewer will I look for? Damn. It's weird, I was actually thinking yesterday that he probably doesn't have long left. May he rest in peace.

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I never see the hate. I only ever see people bringing up the hate, and this usually encourages the trolls who are being stupid. Stop making these type of threads acknowledging the trolls. Patrick is awesome and his responses at the Pax panel were awesome. His articles are awesome. Stop feeding trolls.

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@mikkaq: Science and Religion are totally comparable but whatever. I don't think you can appreciate both. You either choose one or choose none.

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Do you think they will take action? The man who replied on the Huffington Post article said they did the same thing that Giantbomb did when starting up. I guess he is forgetting that Giantbomb had permission. I hope some justice is served here because it sucks to see this kind of stuff happen, if it is definitely a breach, of course.

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Does any of the staff know about this?