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I wouldn't mind an invite to a crew if anyone has one, I have no mic but I could be useful... maybe.

Psn: lif3isp3achyboyo

Rockstar Social Club: lif3isp3achy

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Wow. Now when I skim a wikipedia page, what reviewer will I look for? Damn. It's weird, I was actually thinking yesterday that he probably doesn't have long left. May he rest in peace.

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I never see the hate. I only ever see people bringing up the hate, and this usually encourages the trolls who are being stupid. Stop making these type of threads acknowledging the trolls. Patrick is awesome and his responses at the Pax panel were awesome. His articles are awesome. Stop feeding trolls.

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@mikkaq: Science and Religion are totally comparable but whatever. I don't think you can appreciate both. You either choose one or choose none.

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Do you think they will take action? The man who replied on the Huffington Post article said they did the same thing that Giantbomb did when starting up. I guess he is forgetting that Giantbomb had permission. I hope some justice is served here because it sucks to see this kind of stuff happen, if it is definitely a breach, of course.

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Does any of the staff know about this?

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What about 'Of Mice and Men,' ? It is a novella so it is quite short and the themes are easy to understand. The Great Gatsy is also excellent and fairly short!

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@nail1080 said:

@StarvingGamer said:

You aren't talking about these are you?

Game of the Year Recaps

Yeah I'm assuming he's on about these. I remember on the skype call podcast 2 weeks ago Jeff told Ryan they should probably write up a news story so all these videos are together in one place, but in usual giantbomb fashion I don't think they bothered. For all the hard work that went into them and for how great those videos are they were poorly advertised on the web and the small amount of views on the youtube view count highlights this.

I also think they should have had better more eye catching titles on the video, because even I, a die hard giantbomb fan, didn't even notice the videos were made until a week or so after they had all been put on the site, mainly because I just assumed the videos were as they were titled, recap videos of the game of the year stuff, and as I had listened to all the GOTY podcasts I wasn't really interested in checking out the video versions. But what a surprise I got when I actually finally clicked on one and found amazing fucking epic giantbomb original content in them. But yeah poorly advertised, if the guys were clever and want to get more earnings for their hardwork they should really repost the 10 minute shows as their own videos, and give them appropriate titles, I'm sure it would attract a lot of new viewers to the site and it would highlight the videos to people like the OP who is a fan of giantbomb but didn't have a clue where or what these awesome videos are.

Ah well not like I work here, but their inability to show off their product really confuses me sometimes....

They did make an article with all of the GOTY content together.

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Fallout 4, a god sim that consists of people in relationships falling out with other people, making up and then falling out again, getting caught in a forever looping rollercoaster ride of social degredation.

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Alpha Protocol.