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@MariachiMacabre said:


Well if it is something like Mean Girls with a Bully twist that would be awesome!

"Lindsay Lohan to reprise her 'Mean Girls' role in Bully 2" I's not like she's doing anything else these days.

Unless you count sucking the chode for drugs anything.

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I am sick of all these threads as of late. People can't stop bitching.

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@Wrighteous86: Best response I have seen lurking in this thread. I love the Mario Kart analogy. I think that is also true for GTA.

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@Sodacake: It pretty much is dated. It came out almost 5 yyears ago. It would have been like playing san andreas around the time IV came out I guess. San Andreas feels incredibly dated nowadays but the nostalgia that game holds in my heart is ridiculous.

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@oldenglishC: star was battlefront... 2

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Star wars battlefront

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I just jizzed into a sock. This game will probably be the best game of this type ever to be made, it sounds more innovative than GTAIV.

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Cattle Decapitation - Monolith of Inhumanity and Dying Fetus - Reign Supreme.

Crap, forgot this bad boy.

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I hate these threads. Cancer.

Always just ends up with people putting staff members down.

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Man, I thought amped 3 was pretty funny and you must all agree due to this being my 100th post.