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Hey guys,

I made a thread maybe 3, 4 months ago or something regarding the podcasts and wether or not they are worth listening to from the start and needless to say, they are. Oh yes, they are.

What I find amazing is how they talk about all of these games that are already out, speculating wether or not something is going to be good and I feel I have the upper hand because I already know how shit went down. Particularly, the E3 2008 podcasts are spectacular. It is interesting to see the Bomb Crew in the early days, all of the excellent energy drink talks etcetera.

Also, everyone just seems way more energetic and enthusiastic, which is understandable because I started listening 4 years down the line. I am excited to reach more milestones I may have missed such as discussions on red dead redemption and other huge games that dropped. It is also an

excellent way to relive past gaming memories. When they talk about World at War, I reminisce about the launch day, how me and my buddies basically played that game for months on end, having the time of our lives.

I am studying at school, and the podcasts have also helped me get through all of that. They are an excellent form of escapism, wether on the bus or simply sitting down to complete an essay.

I guess what this thread is really about is me thanking the Bomb Crew for all of the hard work they have put in to this amazing website.

I feel as if the bombcasts go a step further than other podcasts, you feel as if you are part of the crew in some weird, surreal way, as crazy as that may sound. Instead of watching tv, or reading a book before bed, I find myself listening to a bombcast instead, or watching a quicklook, or watching a tnt. Why? The answer is simple. They are just much more entertaining. They provide me with laughs, drama and help me remember the good ol' times, friends that once were.

I will end this post here before I start rambling on like an idiot or before I bore you guys with my hyperbolic exaggeration and leave you with one simple request; What are your bombcast experiences? Am I the only one who feels this way about them, have I gone too far?

Anyway: Thanks for reading.

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I am a male and have been growing my hair for about 5 years. It is waist length, maybe more. Fuck the system.

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@believer258: I have had a pair of sony headphones for a year now. They were only £20, sound pretty decent and I have used them every day. Awesome.

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New York, New York!

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2001: A Space Odyssey.

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In a gimp suit. With two beards.

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My candidate (John Wayne Gacy) is going to win because he has super clown molesting powers that are useful in raping and mutilating the opposition :)

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Idiot. This is the gamespot forums.

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Because Justin Bieber is a peadophile.