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I am a male and have been growing my hair for about 5 years. It is waist length, maybe more. Fuck the system.

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@believer258: I have had a pair of sony headphones for a year now. They were only £20, sound pretty decent and I have used them every day. Awesome.

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New York, New York!

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2001: A Space Odyssey.

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Shit on all of your friends. Literally shit all over them while they sleep and then throw gasoline all over their shitty faces and then set them on fire. When all of their skin is gone, shit all over them again and then get Patrick Warburton, cut his head off and then glue a broom handle on to the top of his head and use his head as a hammer to smash all of their organs and bones up. Once everything is mashed up real good, gather all of the necessary ingredients (including the mashed up bones and organs) and then grab oprah and shove everything up her vagina (or asshole, depending on your sexual preference). Once everything is good and up there, shove Oprah into a river and then shit all over the river so that a shitty Oprah is flowing down a shitty river, then call your local council and complain about having a shitty Oprah in a shitty river. Once Oprah is safely extracted (now covered in disgusting shit) chop her up and put her in a pot (obviously all of the stuff you shoved up her vagina/asshole should already be part of her by this point) and then cook at gas mark 5 for about 18 hours. Once done, feed to your friends' mothers and watch with joy as your amazing, no, FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC plan is successful. Masterbate to preference.

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In a gimp suit. With two beards.

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My candidate (John Wayne Gacy) is going to win because he has super clown molesting powers that are useful in raping and mutilating the opposition :)

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Idiot. This is the gamespot forums.

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Because Justin Bieber is a peadophile.

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Overblown. It was live. Whatever.