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I've never contributed to an Indiegogo before, if the campaign is not successful will you still print the shirt, or is the money just considered a contribution to Kite Co.?

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I definitely had a double take when GMG sent me my code and I started to preload the 49gbs! I'm assuming its textures and audio files, but who the hell knows. Took more than 4 hours to download/install the whole thing. My main concern now is a gigantic day 1 patch and the server meltdown that this game will cause the first week.

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Played a few hours so far, but it's pretty great. Seriously... it looks exactly like the show. Playing it on the PC and the 1080 resolution looks as smooth as a bluray of the show. The character animations are spot on. As numerous people have mentioned I would love to see BL2 style DLC for this game, squeezing out episodes indefinitely, especially if they could port it to next gen.

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I'm hoping that the external developer fixed the game bugs. I never finished the PC version because it crashed on me and I lost some progress. I saw a demo of Fez running on a PS4 demo unit in Gamestop and it looked pretty sweet. Despite all the vitriol that Phil Fish gets, he made a super fun, original game, and I hope he gets back into more development and less social media.

edit: Sony, cut out that nonsense with the light bar. Let me turn that crap off. It needlessly drains my DS4 battery.

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I would really recommend Beyond the Black Rainbow, really great indie horror movie, kinda has this 70s drugged out Drive-feel. Also I watched this movie called Dogtooth that had some of the blackest humor I've ever seen.

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As a generalization yes I agree, you won't uniformly get rocked, but there are those many players where one just wonders, "HTF is that guy so good at shooting virtual guns", and they are always using K+M. Honestly I hope there is a large controller population on PC for this game. I'm terrible at AAA FPS games, but I've figured out how to play with K+M pretty well and it means I'll have at least someone to kill.

don't listen to anyone who says you'll get beat if you don't use a m&k. That's just silly.

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I missed the beta window but I plan to hope on it goes public. Game is preordered though.

Origin: jou321 (east coast US)

Send me an invite, everyone accepted.

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@jayeh said:

Haha nobody wants Ghosts. I have a Xbox and PS4 code if anybody is interested.

Yup! Here's one for PS4 if someone is interested 2Z28-RAYH6B-MHQTSL.

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My biggest gripe about GZ is that they are billing it as a tutorial which is almost always the lame part of these AAA games.

However, I would totally be willing to pay $30 for a next-gen downloadable-only game that last two hours if it were a complete experience. I happily paid $20 for Gone Home and I've bought a whole bunch of short games for $15. If I didn't have to worry about sitting through long winded cutscenes and the normal Kojima bombast, I would totally be okay with this.

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I was a fan of Dyad on PS3. I plan on picking this up right away but I kinda wish it was cross buy with the PS4. Otherwise, looks amazing.