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@ninnanuam: Oh yeah, that section was no fun either, come to think of it there's a bunch of sections in that game that were no fun. The most frustrating part of that chapter for me was the driving. There were a bunch of fetch quest missions were these stereotypical militant hilly billies would chase you down. There was one mission in the rain where I drove around the city for 40 minutes trying to lose them. I didn't upgrade along the driving skill tree so it was crazy frustrating. (fyi, fuck whoever designed the AI for the helicopters.)

The infuriating thing is that chapter had one of the most interesting story points and one of the best stealth missions combined with annoying shooting/driving missions. The end mission of that chapter made me feel like a total badass evading security officers and throwing down distractions.

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Yeah, agree. That whole chapter was extremely aggravating for me. If you're talking about Bedbug set of missions it doesn't really get any better. The end was a big load of bullshit. Patrick said it before but this I can't recall a game that was more taped together than WDs. The bedbug chapters especially force you into combat so frequently that I rage quit more than once.

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@rupertthebear: There is still an active community but I stopped playing this game a few months after it came out. I got to Rep 60 and I got fed up with the player base. When I played with folks I knew it was fun but in pub games I frequently encountered people chided me for doing something they viewed as "wrong" or fucking up in some way that was unavoidable. Like the previous post said most people want to stealth to get a big payout and when the AI acts strangely there is the constant accusations of "who the fuck set off alarms!". It was the equivalent of the BF cry of "play your class." Toward the end I really got pissed off when I just wanted to play a quick heist at the end of the day only to find a group of teenagers on the other end acting like morons and thinking they can boss me around for some reason. If you want to get into this game a mic is essential, host your own games, and kick any jerks off your squads.

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I pre-ordered Destiny from Best Buy this weekend and they sent me two beta codes today. Not sure if this will work but I thought it would be worth a post. Enjoy.

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Anyone else find the Tower too dark? It's an interior environment the size of a small town but its lite like the interior of space ship. It should be more Citadel than Normandy.

In general some of the areas are too dark without poor environmental cues for ledges. In the strike section where you are decoding the mesh there is a camp spot on a broken metal ledge that I missed jumping onto at least half a dozen times because I couldn't see it while shit was exploding around me. I don't need this to be Tomb Raider where every grapple point is color coded, but there were a bunch of points where I didn't understand if I could get on top of a rock or ledge. I think the game also desperately needs a grapple or mantle mechanic. I would boost to a ledge only to barely miss and fall back.

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Amazon sent me a code: M9DJ-DKND-J4HP


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@spraynardtatum: Agree, I don't necessarily need in world waypoint but there's not so much a map as there is radar. More than a few times when I was wandering around looking for stuff I would see an enemy directional signal, head toward it, only to have to figure out how to scale a cliff. I understand Bungie wanting to force people to explore the world, but it's no fun getting lost. There is a section with a group of derelict airplanes, I ran around that area for 15 minutes trying to figure out if there was ammo laying around since I expended everything shooting aliens.

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@thelastgunslinger: I didn't, not at all. I especially hate the way they implemented way points. Dinklage just tells me what to do unprompted when I get into an area but I have to click a button to call up the way point.

It was frustrating when I was making my way to a waypoint in the distance, engage in a firefight where he would be narrating, then lose track of where I should be going and have to call the ghost up again to remind myself of the objective. I would have preferred no VO and a better on screen hud. The map doesn't have topology and only directional indicators of where enemies are firing. I was doing the typical get X number of this MMO side quest and I continually lost track of nearby enemy movement and my coop partner. Bungie seems to be trying to do a GladOS style narration, but that doesn't work in an action game.

That being said the game is really fun. I just wish they would call it what it is. The PR speak and stunts are hurting this game. I have a preorder and intend to keep it. If more people knew this was a MMO with an amazing console-centric hud, great shooting mechanics, and graphics people would be hyped about it. The in-and-out coop was seamless, much more so than Borderlands. The enemy AI was great. I had elites turtleing and enemies flanking me to push me toward him. Really smart and challenging.

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the whole peter dinklage thing, i havent heard enough to judge for myself about the performance, but the decision to use him seems far too motivated by trendiness, but then this whole voice acting thing is out of control in general, paying buckets extra for stars that lend characters a trivial novelty value more often than individuality.

Agree I thought it was totally distracting and added nothing. Half the time it sounded like Dinklage and that guy from the Wire were sleepwalking through their lines. Dinklage's readings were done completely out of context that line about the "space wizard" was cringe inducing. Honestly, I wish they would cut out all the stunt casting and call this game what it is, an MMO FPS.

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My god, adding friends on the WiiU is clumsy. Got my copy today and added a bunch of folks. Feel free to add me as well. Plan to play a shitload this weekend and during the various E3 streams.

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