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@fattony12000 made a Destiny clan divided by regions. I think its still active and now that the game is actually coming out it should go into proper use.

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I can't imagine the type of hell that Vinny has been through: setting up the studio, having no permanent home, all his stuff in storage, and a new baby on the way. The man must have the patience of a saint. Congratulations on the new baby. Hopefully he can get some time away during paternity leave.

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I think so, I tried to play Garden Warfare on PS4 at 10am EST before I left the house and it wouldn't let me on. Tweeted Playstation but there's hasn't been any communications that I see. Pretty disappointing since that game is worthless without the network.

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I think the site is having some technical problems. The morning show today was moved to YouTube because of chat trouble but I assume there will be something.

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@siroptimusprime: np. I'm pretty forgiving when it comes to churning content. As long as they find something interesting to say, or make even a modicum of a good point, I'm satisfied. Vinny and Alex's content has been pretty random, but I imagine they are still playing games on Vinny's laptop. The Eidolon QL was interesting even if Alex was just bullshitting and throwing out the idea that survivalist sandbox games were some representation of post-millennial anxiety. That's some Don Delillo philosophizing. I can only hope that all the content tries to think like that while having fun.

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@siroptimusprime: You're right, I misremembered, it was Drew, but I still stand by everything else. Maybe it is my mix? I am watching the QL on a television sitting on a couch. Despite that, there definitely was no highlighting of the soundtrack, just Dan and Drew talking over the music. It's not like I'm expecting a fucking master's thesis. I wouldn't even fault them if they spent 30 talking about the soundtrack... at least that's something. But there is so little substance to some of the content I'm not even sure what the point of watching it is. Maybe I'm sour that a week ago they fired a bunch of the OG Gamespot folks that actually did good work and now we are left with slapdash effort.

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@djou: you are way over the top. Everyone member of Giant Bomb starts Quick Looks of games sometimes without knowing about them.

Yeah, I know and that is weak filler content.

@djou: I don't say he's bad at his job and dumb either. You're going way too far, it sounds childish. It's really fine if you don't like him but to say he's phoning it in already? What?

I don't think he is dumb or bad at his job either, I never said that. Obviously he has worked in the games press for a long time so he should know good from bad coverage, but his work so far is lazy and his insight is shallow. This is exactly how I would describe Game Informer and most traditional mainstream game coverage. Having personality and reciting a list game features isn't offering meaningful insight. I wrote that after watching the Lovely Planet QL which literally told me nothing about the game. Neither Brad nor Dan talked about any of the game features and he played like total garbage even though it was his second time through the levels. They went on about the game soundtrack which you couldn't hear... at all. They didn't even mention that it was from the devs of Speedrunners. Contrast this with something like the Hotline Miami QL, Ryan was enthusiastic while discovering the game, jammed out on the soundtrack, and showed off the game.

The reason I subscribe to this site instead of just getting game news from the dozens of very good Youtube or Twitch players is that these people are professionals. They are paid to play and think about games. They have insight and access to developers not available to some yo-yo in his bedroom playing games with a face cam. There's value in experience. If Dan talked about video games like he did wrestling then the story would be different, unfortunately I don't give jack shit about wrestling and this is not a wrestling fan site.

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Being articulate, funny, enthusiastic is actually plenty to carry someone who is basically just hosting video content. He does a great job with all those things. They shouldn't be taken for granted, they are real skills.

I don't want to pile on but I actually can't think of anything articulate that he's said outside of wrestling. And I don't think he's funny at all, case in point the Sniper Elite QL or Mount Your Friends, dick jokes are the absolute most uninteresting juvenile humor. They're lazy jokes which is why frat boys tell them. I don't think this GB is just hosting video content. The host of a good segment elevates the gameplay with the commentary and insight. Its not all puerile jokes and color commentary. I recently wanted to finish the Killzone campaign and watched Jeff's QL and read his review again. Pretty much spot on outlining why I never finished it the first time. Same with all the stuff that's been said about Watch Dogs.

I don't want a quick look where the host starts with "I don't know anything about this game, but I'm going to talk about it and play like shit for the next 30 minutes." That is lazy filler content that equates the worst buzzfeed style click baiting. I don't want to be harsh because he seems like a good guy that you want to have a beer with, but he's been on the site for a month and it already sounds like he's phoning it in.

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@masterrain: Well I don't want to devolve into stereotyping. I'm sure there are many different stereotypes in Europe also even just in Germany I know there are stereotypes for more urban Germans and the northern Bavarians, or even people regional stereotyping in the UK. However going back to Dan, so far he's displayed a tendency that both Jeff and Brad has spoken out against. The trend of video game opinions either being the absolute best or worst, one-star or five-star, a binary of extremes. This game is great, its the best; or no this game is not for me. Ryan, Patrick, and Vinny all expressed varying taste and they all had nuances to their opinion. I haven't heard anything like that from Dan.

I watched the Pure Pool QL, it was 30 minutes of Dan and Jeff agreeing about pool, then talking about wrestling. I was actually interested in buying this game and I came away having no idea if I should do this. Either this week or last on the Bombcast, Dan mentioned playing Shovel Knights NG+. I thought great... he wasn't in on the QL now he will voice his opinion on what he liked about the game, but nothing.

One of the things that separates this site from Youtube streamers is that the personalities are not just personalities, they are paid to play games, consider them, and articulate their criticism. Jeff masterfully does this, but I'm not sure what Dan adds. Maybe that's unfair considering I don't what its like to adjust to moving to SF and the GS office, but so far I find myself avoiding QLs when I see he's involved. The only interesting content he's been a part of is the stuff about Cannon Brawl, and the segment of Mary Kish and Danny playing that game with the devs on the Lobby was twice as interesting.

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I don't know if this is necessarily true since there are many stereotypes of Americans. However, I would say he is the stereotype of a man-child (think Adam Sandler/Happy Gilmore character). He seems to be living some kind of arrested development from his college days, a 30 year old that is still eating off paper plates, drinking 40s, and watching wrestling.

My main critique so far is his taste seem to be almost exactly like Jeff's, but Jeff has his encyclopedic knowledge about game history and sharp/insightful criticism. I'm not sure what he adds. I see a lot of comments talking about enthusiasm, but declaring a game "great" is very shallow. A word like great has as much weight as cool or awesome. Ryan had a boisterous enthusiasm also, but he could back it up with biting takedowns that made you think. So far I haven't heard anything like that outside his comments about wrestling which I couldn't care less about.

like a living stereotype of an American.