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@masterrain: Well I don't want to devolve into stereotyping. I'm sure there are many different stereotypes in Europe also even just in Germany I know there are stereotypes for more urban Germans and the northern Bavarians, or even people regional stereotyping in the UK. However going back to Dan, so far he's displayed a tendency that both Jeff and Brad has spoken out against. The trend of video game opinions either being the absolute best or worst, one-star or five-star, a binary of extremes. This game is great, its the best; or no this game is not for me. Ryan, Patrick, and Vinny all expressed varying taste and they all had nuances to their opinion. I haven't heard anything like that from Dan.

I watched the Pure Pool QL, it was 30 minutes of Dan and Jeff agreeing about pool, then talking about wrestling. I was actually interested in buying this game and I came away having no idea if I should do this. Either this week or last on the Bombcast, Dan mentioned playing Shovel Knights NG+. I thought great... he wasn't in on the QL now he will voice his opinion on what he liked about the game, but nothing.

One of the things that separates this site from Youtube streamers is that the personalities are not just personalities, they are paid to play games, consider them, and articulate their criticism. Jeff masterfully does this, but I'm not sure what Dan adds. Maybe that's unfair considering I don't what its like to adjust to moving to SF and the GS office, but so far I find myself avoiding QLs when I see he's involved. The only interesting content he's been a part of is the stuff about Cannon Brawl, and the segment of Mary Kish and Danny playing that game with the devs on the Lobby was twice as interesting.

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I don't know if this is necessarily true since there are many stereotypes of Americans. However, I would say he is the stereotype of a man-child (think Adam Sandler/Happy Gilmore character). He seems to be living some kind of arrested development from his college days, a 30 year old that is still eating off paper plates, drinking 40s, and watching wrestling.

My main critique so far is his taste seem to be almost exactly like Jeff's, but Jeff has his encyclopedic knowledge about game history and sharp/insightful criticism. I'm not sure what he adds. I see a lot of comments talking about enthusiasm, but declaring a game "great" is very shallow. A word like great has as much weight as cool or awesome. Ryan had a boisterous enthusiasm also, but he could back it up with biting takedowns that made you think. So far I haven't heard anything like that outside his comments about wrestling which I couldn't care less about.

like a living stereotype of an American.

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@atsou: Sorry I don't want to antagonize, but what you replied didn't make any sense. What do you mean by "new type of video games"? AAA game development has always cost a ridiculous amount of money and relied of huge teams, designers, voice actors. Metal Gear, Final Fantasy, even older American games Halo 2 or anything Bethesda does. Also citing Hotline Miami as an example of sequel-itis isn't right because Devolver is the opposite of a big publisher. They are pretty much as indie as it gets. I can't even think of another game on their roster aside from Serious Sam that have sequels even then Cromag is moving on with new IP. And Hotline Miami 2 is not available for preorder/presale. They didn't even do some music bundle or other bullshit.

Its not far to generalize that developers make games with plans to make sequels. I can't find the article anymore but I remember that Cactus specifically didn't want to make a sequel and felt conflicted about doing it but started development due to fan outcry for closure to the narrative. Although I'm sure the money lining his bed will help. Cactus already had a name among a certain community (HM definitely gave him wider attention) but he could easily move on with the same accolades to his next thing. Good examples would be Jonathan Blow, Phil Fish, the guys from Cellar Door.

HM was made in Game Maker and that is something completely different than EA reusing the Frostbyte engine from BF3 to give people yearly BF because it cost so much to develop. Devs make sequels for many reasons, but preorders are only successful for one reason... aggressive marketing whether its a Kickstarter that tells some humanizing story about the game's development, a slyly cut gameplay montage, or incentivizing preorders through bundling, baubles, or price cuts.

In the end when people talk about the success or reasoning behind preorders they don't want to admit that marketing has worked to persuade their choices whether the decision was made because of a bonus, trailer, or even a demo. You don't have the final game in front of you but you have chosen to buy in. Someone has put together a plan to sell you something and it worked. There's no more explaining needed. I just hope that you can take a conscious look at your buying habits and make good decisions. I preorder because of price, thus I often find tons of spammy emails from Gamestop, Newegg, Best Buy, Steam, GMG offering me coupons and price breaks. Totally works and I'm ok with it.

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Strangely I find myself preordering game much more frequently since I got the PS4. I joined Best Buy's Gamer's Club (something I thought I would never do) and the incentives they give to preordering are borderline ridiculous, so much so that it doesn't make sense not to buy games from them. I'm getting The Last of Us: Remastered for $32 and Destiny for $52. This all goes to say the only reason I preorder is to save a few bucks on a game I plan to buy either Day 1 or near release. Otherwise I live in NYC within an arm's distance of a dozen places to buy games and the digital baubles that developers promise don't entice me to buy early, neither does misguided loyalty to a brand. The only times I can think of that I preordered for the "right" reason was Prison Architect. I bought into the Alpha, follow the development, and still play once in a while. Also I preordered Transistor out of blind loyalty to Supergiant and the hype surrounding the game.

@atsou: It's revealing that all the games you listed are sequels or spiritual sequels in the case of Bloodborne. I think this speak to the state of game development being overly reliant on existing properties that are iterative versions of previous games and the predatory tendencies of game sellers to appeal to core fans of those series. You mention Nintendo specifically and I think they perpetrate this more than any other company. Not to say there isn't innovation in each of their core titles, but a game like Platinum's Wonderful 101 was pretty cool and I bet the preorders (and sales) for that game stank. Most of the time publishers/developers get people to buy in early by appealing to their nostalgia, the same good stuff from our other game with a twist: CoD: Advanced Warfare, Evolve, and even games like Star Citizen.

I would disagree with you that just because a developer released a good game previously that they can innovate again. Not sure about you, but I don't closely follow the personnel changes at a developer, nor do I care. Past performance doesn't indicate future fun especially since tech/teams change. I'm sure there was a rabid group that anticipated Dark Soul 2, but seems like the zeitgeist has agreed that the sequel didn't capture of the magic of the first, that most of the original team left possibly to work on Bloodbourne. From Software was shoving preorders for DS2 in people's face with promises of upgrades to steelbooks and the like. Then they did a bait and switch by revealing BB. I'm sure they plan to do the same when that game releases, dare I say there will be a Dark Souls 3, it will be next gen, and people will want to preorder because the marketing will make it look cool.

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Yeah, I actually decided against buying both because of the prices. I own Swapper on PC already and thought about double dipping. Was shocked when it was $20. The game is 5 hours long and available as part of a Humble Bundle at some point. I may pick up Rogue Legacy but I doubt I'll play it anytime soon so I could also wait until the next Steam sale and pick it up for $3.75. The game comes out the exact day as Last of Us.

I hate to be one of those people that gripes about a few dollars but on principle I can't pay more for a year old game that is cheaper on PC. I hope this is not the beginning of a nasty trend or some type of backlash to all the games that Sony is offering "free" on PS Plus. However, Hohokum was a preorder for me, exclusive game, looks rad, and the right price. That's what we need more of.

Those prices have to be wrong, right? That's more for rogue legacy/the swapper than when they first released on pc

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@fattony12000: I probably should have asked that GAF group. There were four of them rolling together in an Iron Banner match just killing it.

I have no ideas why Bungie is not making it more clear. They talk about that damn companion app everyday, you would think this would have some place in that.

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@fattony12000: Any idea about how to make this clan stuff show up in game? Poked around a bit but I couldn't figure it out. Saw some GAF folks with their tags in PvP so I think its possible.

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Things I dislike
  • PVP games need to end if the teams are uneven. The game is very balanced around 5v5. If it goes down to 5v4 there's a possibility that if you're on the 4 player team and you're all at a much higher skill level than the other team you might win but if the game ever goes down to 5v3 then it should end in one or two minutes. At 5v3 it's next to impossible for the team with 3 to win and there's not enough people for the team of 5 to kill to win before the timer, so you end up having a slogging game waiting for the timer to expire.
  • *EDIT* I can't believe I forgot this. The moon level in PVP is the worst. Vehicles are horrible in this game if that map is anything to base it on. The bigger vehicle in particular has no counter on that map. It's faster than the turrets, more durable than the turrets. Unless you come into the game equipped with a rocket launcher and you manage to get the heavy ammo, then the player in that vehicle can dominate the game. The only counter for it is to try use a special move on it but since it can boost away you're chances of hitting it are slim. That thing needs serious adjustments.

Yes, I saw a 6v1 match with five minutes left. Three people rage quit when they were being slaughtered. I have no idea why the game didn't pause and rebalance the teams.

I'm no pro PVP player that moon map needs work. I think point B lets the vehicles hover around the check point and spam fire. There was a guy in it that got 10 kills in a row at one point strafing the map and picking people off. He was a beastly player but still. That's the only map with vehicles and I hope Bungie takes a look at the numbers and rebalances.

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Bungie really seems to want me to play the Beta, they sent me 8 codes so far. Here are another two if people are interested:

Voucher Code for PS4: B6K6-FAN3-69LG

Voucher Code for PS3: NR92-5RN5-7HA8

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@ssully: Yeah, enemies definitely seem less bullet spongey but I found it easier because every enemy (even in hard) was very susceptible to headshots. I found myself aiming for "precise kills" much more since even the named enemies go down in three or four headshots. Maybe it was just the weapons I was picking up but the reload speeds seems slow as hell. There were a few scout rifles with 11 round clips and I found myself reloading every minute.

The faster ult is a lot better. I haven't tried it in MP but I hope it doesn't throw off the balance.

My main concern is the single player feels really disjointed like a collection of missions to skip between more than a cohesive narrative. What is there is very generic, find this generator, locate the guardians. There is no playlist style linking between missions, I assume because they want players to go back to the Tower between missions, but I honestly have no idea what is going on with the "story." I hope Bungie just has a traditional campaign, then let people replay the levels in a random order.

Players would drop in and out of my game (which is cool) but I got into a few cool coop areas to only lose connection with those folks when I entered the respawn restricted area. I know Diablo has this unlinked campaign structure and people seem to love that, but personally I have no fucking idea what is going in Diablo and I know Bungie is capable of writing a coherent story.