Misc ramblings of a jaded gamer

Why is it every so often I tend to get bored of games and want to take a break. Is it because all of the basic functions of the games are the same. Take Mass Effect 3 multiplayer add-on I'm sure many people would have been happy had this never been included and the development team spent more of there time on making a longer better game. But with today's market focus on draining more money out of each player they add multiplayer and add mircotransactions into the game. I'm sure some will say you don't have to pay with real money with is fine today, but sometime in the near future this may not be an options like it is today. The market has now turned into pumping out half finished games and charging us for the additional content. There is no reason any game should have day one content for it. All that seems to be to me is a money grab from the developers.

There are some developers I feel loyal to and am willing to give them some extra cash but then they turn around and start abusing that goodwill. Take Turn10 they produce a great game and were really taking it to Gran Turismo. They had great cars nice tracks and a good game. Forza 2 was outstanding, Forza 3 was nice but overall didn't seem like it's own new game more like Forza 2.5. Now with Forza 3 ever month they pump out a new pack of cars. So now in the game I'm left with too many cars but no where to race them. Turn10 claims the car packs are more successful and decide new tracks weren't needed. This is bullshit in my opinion. This is how they can make the most money for doing the least work. Which now puts into doubt about whether I will support them in the future for ruining a good series in my opinion.

Gears of War 3, the game improvements were outstanding, everything was going well until they got bored with their game and decided not to support it like they had done in the past and just left it on automatic. Gears of War 2 there were events all the time, double xp, all Boomer weekend, and many more. This lasted almost all the way till Gears 3. Now Gears 3 can't even be bothered to support it for ONE FULL YEAR? This is crap.

The reason developers get away with it is because people just dump money into the system, this is what is going to kill the industry. Company own greed and lack of vision and support past the initial release. The big company will kill this industry because of greed, and gamers will find other things to do or go back and play older games instead.

Thanks for letting me vent. I didn't intend to go that long and thanks for reading. Enjoy your games now, who knows how long you have.