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Once Upon a Time in Hong Kong 0

What was once True Crime: Hong Kong is now Sleeping Dogs. You play Chinese-American Wei Shen, who grew up among the gangsters of Hong Kong and is now an undercover operative for the HKPD. The main storyline consists of a series of missions that reflect the duality of Wei’s character. Half of the time you’re working for the triads: killing people, selling drugs, street racing etc, and the other half you spend doing police work: planting bugs, hacking security cameras, beating up thugs. Now, this ...

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Should you pay attention to The (Wii's) Last Story? 0

On Lazulis Island, a nation isolated from the rest of the suffering empire, a diverse band of mercenaries delve into ruins and kill monsters to earn a living. When war finally envelopes the island, the mismatched band get caught up in the action. The premise may be standard fare for a JRPG, but The Last Story still manages to entertain. Its title is also rather apt, as it will most likely be the last 'big' title released on the Wii before the launch of the Wii U later this year.You play as Zael,...

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It's in Revelations People! 0

Revelations is the uninteresting rooftop after the steep, beautifully-animated ascents of the majestic cathedrals that were AC 2 and Brotherhood. Now that the free-running analogy is out of the way, take a leap of faith and read on.The steady improvement of the Assassin's Creed series had to slow down eventually and AC: Revelations is where the buck stops. AC2 was phenomenal, all the potential of the innovative but repetitive first game fully realised. Brotherhood was the unexpectedly enjoyable ...

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