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@stryker1121: Unlike the first season, I don't think this batch of protagonists are supposed to be "the good guys". Rust and Marty were damaged, sure, each in their own way, but they were likeable. They were portrayed as people others were drawn to, and that did end up including the audience once we got to know 'em. That don't seem to be the case for this season. We're dealing with a bunch of unapologetically fucked up individuals who seem intent on blaming their own faults on the people around them. Ray, for instance, is a genuinely repulsive character, and they go out of their way in this episode to cement that he isn't misunderstood, he is in fact a bad person. But he's interesting, and that's the pull.

So you're right, neither he nor Frank have earned the right to be complaining the way they do, but they're frustrated and selfish. In Ray's case specifically, I will say that watching your kid get bullied, and more so, get so accustomed to being trod on that he/she gives up is like few other things out there. That anger, and that hate towards "Ass-pen" is something I can relate to. And it's horrible, but any parent who's seen their kid go through something like that will tell you, there were times they wanted to kill those other kids.

We'll see how it pans out in the end, but at least they're trying something different with this season, that's for sure.

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@kcin: This whole thread has a title that includes the word spoilers. If you didn't want spoilers, why did you come here? I blocked it, but what did you expect?

It's generally assumed any spoilers we provide will ruin the surprise for anyone who hasn't been watching the show up to date, rather than 99 % of everyone who has watched the latest episode. Any material from outside that scope, be it leaked clips, pictures, episodes, etc. is something you should treat carefully. And we have a great system for that in the form of spoiler blocks. I mean, hell, I stumbled over your comment and really wish I hadn't.

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@straightgrizzly: Seriously, dude, mark that as spoilers. Not cool.

I continue to be baffled by folks' lack of patience with this show. No denying that it's moving at an unconventional pace, but I don't mind that in the least. I've gotten so accustomed to the usual approach to thrillers that anything out of the ordinary is welcome to me at this point. Issue with that old and tried, and increasingly tired, take is that you can't really colour people's decisions early on the same way you can later on in the cycle, after the audience has better gotten to know the characters and can understand their motivations. You gotta' ease the people at home into the mindset of the characters before you can do something genuinely interesting with them.

This season's gone out of it's way to side-step that by presenting it's cast, their dirty secrets and many, many flaws right out of the gate. And I think that's something we're going to see pay off in dividends fairly early on as the case itself is beginning to pick up speed. That last scene's a perfect example. A cop going out to check out a potential crime-scene by himself? I'd usually not buy it, but after seeing Ray's apathy after the discussion with his ex-wife and learning of his manic tendencies in the first episode, I believe that's very much something he would do. And hell if what happened to him didn't seem fitting considering his words in the bar.

I've really been digging this season so far, so this comment section is a real bummer. People seem real interested in pointing out "flaws". Hopefully a few episodes more of the actual case will help folks along, but eh, to each their own.

On a separate note, anyone else notice the lyrics in the second half of the opening song were completely different from last episode? In retrospect, the lyrics seem thematically tied to the events of the episode itself, which I think is a really cool touch. Hopefully they'll keep that up.

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You had to go remind me why I like you so much, Jeff. God damn it, that's fantastic. I haven't had the time as of yet to watch the show in it's entirety, could someone be kind enough to provide me with a time-stamp or an estimate?

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You don't.

Make a post about it on the forums, hopefully it'll pick up steam by itself. But if you're counting on the participation of the crew, that's not going to happen. They don't listen to their userbase in that way. Or in any from what I can recall. I love this site, but the guys do their own thing, and that's not necessarily a bad thing. If you really want to get some feedback from one of 'em in particular, then send a message to said person, Drew or Rorie are most like to respond ( and know their PC modding), and then just maybe they'll opt to cover your thing if they feel like it, and lack other things to cover that week.

I hate to be so cynical about it, but it is what it is.

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Receiving games early is a very singular pleasure. I had the luck of getting my copy of MKX almost a week early, and hounded these forums for some time indeed. In this particular instance, however, I really don't feel the slightly envious, despite this being my most anticipated game of the year. (Along with MGS V) And that's for the simply reason that I've got no interest in playing The Witcher 3 on a PS4.

My pre-load for the PC is already completed. Most recent DOTA patch and life will tide me over until then.

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I've always been real curious about War of the Roses. At the time, I opted to get Chivalry instead as there was a button dedicated for "warcry". So, I'd love it if you were to throw that thing my way.

Either way, cool of you to do this, mate. Everyone benefits, I can't imagine anyone being unhappy about th.. Wait, what's that sound?

"Arryyyyyyyaaaaaaaaauuuuuuiuiiiiiiiigggghhhh!" - Mason Knight

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I distinctly remember walking that beaten path towards Vivec in Morrowind, seeing those strange, rectangular, gargantuan stones jutting from the sea all gold and brown as the sun set. Kind of moment that stays with you.

And this was playing.

Loading Video...

Morrowind was SO good, you guys. So fucking good. (Cue my bitching about where the series has gone since.)

Journey was nothing but those kind of moments. I still go back and replay that thing every couple of months. There's some other great examples already in this thread, making me realize just how much I value some games looking back. Max Payne's certainly up there, Crysis, God of War 1. Dead Space. And I feel obligated to mention Planescape: Torment.

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@fredchuckdave: We're talking about different types of weaponry here in different circumstances. That's what combat is. Excuse me, "kombat". If I have an automatic rifle, and I'm up against 10 guys with knives at the other end of a field, I'm probably going to do alright. If I'm up against 10 guys with knives in a small room, that rifle might take a few of them with me, but that's it. Same mentality applies for swords, spears, cooking pots, you name it.

About your "historical" example, commanders taking to the field were flanked by some of the best warriors in the entire force. They formed a tight circle around their commander, and protected them from harm. They'd counter attacks, and drive heavily into their opponents to open them up, thus allowing their commander to strike the killing blow. This wasn't done merely to stoke the ego of said leader, but to boost morale for the troops in the army, making them believe that the one they were following was indeed blessed, and undefeatable. It is why those stories exist to this day. Not to say that said commanders weren't usually adept at fighting. They'd had the best tutors money could buy, but the way you're presenting is simply, and unfortunately, false. Those heroes never existed.

Now, the Bronn fight was actually pretty realistic. He defeated three people. The first, he caught with a throwing dagger after the man gave him an opportunity to use it. In the chaos of that, he immediately cut down a second's horse for Jaime to deal with, and then set out to defeating two opponents on his own. They were on horseman, which is a feat, alright. But that is something other knights, in the crusades for instance, have been reported to have done. So it's far from implausible.

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@fredchuckdave: I very much agree with your first two points, but as for the Navy SEAL comparison.. With all due respect, 15 people? Not a chance in hell. 7 people? Not a chance in hell. The trick to fighting multiple opponents is simple, it's keeping one of them between you and the rest of the group at all times. This is often done by quickly eliminating someone and then grabbing them, using them as a human shield you can twirl around, threaten or shove into your oncoming attackers. Once you get into a situation where there are too many for you to effectively hold off simply by positioning yourself, you are fucked. This is about ten times as true if we're talking knife-fights, where-in you need to jump, or bodily shove someone attacking you away to effectively block an attack. Parrying, or deflecting fast knife attacks from numerous sources, is fiction. If you have multiple people charging you with knives, there is next to nothing you can do as all they need is some weight to drive the blade in. For the record, I do Krav Maga.

On topic, though, I believe they've already said that the majority of the harpies were people hired by the former masters, they're likely mercenaries or at least professional soldiers themselves. I don't think it's unrealistic for them to be able to swarm a smaller group of soldiers who specialize in spears and get the advantage with their knives in a tight alley, doubly so as it was an ambush. Honestly, there's way too many unrealistic expectations of fighters in this here thread. What Greyworm did in that scene was borderline impossible.

Overall, I liked this episode a lot, the exception being the sand snakes scene.. Boy.. It's been said, but damn, that was not good.