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Sorry, I had to.

At this point, it's all the usual pieces of advice. It's a proper rinse and repeat situation from us by-standers, and while I realize that it's frustrating being told the most obvious things in the world, there's a reason why it's obvious. These problems of yours are solely in your head, as it is with everyone who goes through something similar. You're going to end up struggling with yourself for a long time, and changing your perspective through any means necessary is the one thing that'll see you through this. It'll happen by itself, given enough time, or you can step out there and try to take the matter into your own hands, work on improving yourself.

Pride is your worst enemy here; don't be afraid of hurting and don't be afraid of showing it.

On a different note, I'd suggest reading a tragic love story. For whatever reason, that always helps me put my feelings on a break-up in perspective. I'd say "Norwegian Wood" by Haruki Murakami.

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@mister_v: I will do things. Unspeakable things for that code.

Gotta' say, I do appreciate FROM actually testing the networking capabilities of their games. The results were very clear when you compare Dark Souls 1 and 2's multiplayer.

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@0r1m: You should have multiple friends-requests pending on steam, as well as multiple messages here on the site. We've been trying to contact you for a few days now. Please accept my friends-request on Steam, I am "Blackmoore (Do The Manta Ray)", and update me on your availability either via Steam, or a PM on the site here at your earliest convenience.

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You're kinda' the worst game ever.

Thank you, I'm done.

Also, Alan Wake is a terrific game. Not as good as it could've been, but really good nonetheless.

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I understand that these complaints might come across as nit-picking to a lot of folks, and I suppose that when you get right down to it, it is. The overall design for the site is still fantastic, though I can't help but think they're pushing the envelope on this a little too hard.

We now have 3 different indicators on the main page alone for premium content. 3. As a premium member, myself, I think it's distracting, I think it gets in the way. A lot of this has, ofcourse, to do with that I'm very familiar with the old design, and had gotten used to simply glancing in different directions to see what was new on the site. Right for upcoming shows, up top to see if a live-show was just about to start. And not being able to do so, and having to scrutinize the text each time is less efficient than the previous solutions.

I realize that they want to sell premium content, and you know what? They deserve to. These guys have been putting in a considerable amount of effort into premium lately, and anyone with the spare cash really wouldn't do wrong to opt in. That said, I very much hope that this is a work in progress and that they find a more subtle, and less distracting, way of showcasing the benefits of a premium subscription. Small preview-clips from premium shows appearing as another video for those of us who do not have premium, say.

At the very least, allow us premium users to enable and disable some of these notifications. I do not believe anyone on staff actually believes this'll help the users keep track in any way, it is simply advertisement, and part of a premium subscription is, ironically, no advertisement. For me as a premium user, the dashboard is more than enough to showcase the newest content. The "Latest Premium Content" is pushing it, but hey that's okay, and the notification up top that's in the exact same colour as a live show is, excuse my saying, the worst idea. THE worst. As long as that one is removed, or just shifted to somewhere else, so I'll stop being constantly disappointed there's no new live show on, I'll be satisfied.

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I have completely rehauled the "Schedule" and "Results" Sections of the main page, and have also added a "Current Standings" Section where I present you guys with an overview of the situation as is. I'll be adding significantly more VODs to the results section in the days to come. For now, you can only find VODs on there which are uploaded to our youtube page.

For those without a VOD link, you can still look at who was casting the game, and then go to their hitbox/twitch profile via the links provided at the top of the post.

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@muuhee: Your friend would be very welcome to join. The more, the merrier.@slag here has tried to add you, but has been unable to do so. Can you please send me, or Slag, a PM, with a link to your steam page, and maybe the link to your friends' twitch/hitbox/etc if he has one?

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@hemmelight: @liquiddragon: Otogi 2 was fantastic, they improved on the level-design and the variety between the multiple characters was genuinely impressive. Remember the pin-wheel character? Guess where that design landed up? Though, for whatever reason, I can't shake the feeling that Otogi 2 was somehow weaker than the first game, though I wouldn't be able to tell you why. Might just be due to how unique the first game was, very similar to how Dark Souls 2 is compared to Dark Souls 1. (Demons' Souls is a very different game from Dark Souls, despite multiple bosses being identical.) There's also a very certain atmosphere in Otogi 1. I still remember the reverence and respect I felt for my opponent in the duel in the snow, or the awe and disgust at the centipede demon. Man, nostalgia sure works it's wonders.

I'd kill for a third installation of the franchise. There's so much they could do with the fantastical design, imagine, say, the level where you're propelling yourself through the skies using only your sword, bringing down the airships with Current-Gen-appropriate graphics and physics. It'd be something to see alright.

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Over fifty games played!

We broke the 50 game mark yesterday as 90s Nyxtape gloriously strode forth to victory once more. Yet this is not enough for us, we can't ever get enough. It's a problem. And as such, we are continuing to bring you more games. Take a gander below for today's offering:

Team 1Vs.Team 2StatusUTC DateUTC TimePDT DatePDT TimeEDT DateEDT TimeBST DateBST TimeCEST DateCest Time
Freakinchair's Fraud SquadVs.BegurubiadoProvisionalSunday, August 31, 201420:30Aug 3113:30Aug 3116:30Aug 3121:30Aug 3122:30
Can't See SHITVs.Freakinchair's Fraud SquadProvisionalSunday, August 31, 201423:00Aug 3116:00Aug 3119:00Sep 10:00Sep 11:00
Freakinchair's Fraud SquadVs.Team TrasherConfirmedMonday, September 1, 20141:00Aug 3118:00Aug 3121:00Sep 12:00Sep 13:00

There is additional information in the schedule, as well as a hoard of additional VODs.

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Otogi: Myth Of Demons. Remember that game? Among my all-time favourites, it was so damn unique and atmospheric, not to mention hard as balls. It's, ofcourse, a FromSoftware game.

Alan Wake, how about finishing that damn story?

Mafia. Can't put my finger on it, but I just don't believe we'll ever get a third iteration, which I think is a great shame.

And ofcourse Warcraft. As an RTS game.

Then there's all the usual business ontop of that, Good and Evil 2, KOTOR.. Half-Life 3...