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Matthew Rorie, man of the people, and of the DOTA players.

Also, is it just me, or does it look like Brad is smiling even through his phone in that original picture?

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I'm going to hop onto the bandwagon here and ask politely, oh so politely if anyone has a spare European PS4 code. Come on, guys, help me break my DOTA addiction. Release me from this cesspool that is the International and my life.
Save me, only you can do it!

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How about the miracle that is google? There's some expansive results on the subject.

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So the internet has caught up to Giant Bomb again. I think we are making too big of a deal over this. Shitbags did this. They do not represent our community, and I'm fairly sure that it goes without saying that we do not condone their actions, and yes, even find them despicable. If it doesn't go without saying, we're in deep waters. If it doesn't go without saying after the entire internet has said it here and on twitter, I don't know what to tell you.

We all knew that something along these lines was coming. No matter who and what they'd have hired, some form of shitbag or another would have risen up out of the murky depths of 4-chan, or what-have-you, to come dumping on our buffet. What I can't wrap my head around is why everyone is making such a big deal out of this. Sure, horrible things were said, but horrible things are being said every day. The only thing we're accomplishing by talking about this to this extent is putting these shitbags in the lime-light. Does it really not go without saying that we don't approve of this? Does it really have to spiral into a discussion about every general problem we have with the site?

What has Patrick's standpoint on feminism got to do with this? What has the many discussions on sexism, we've had on this site, got to do with this? What the hell has Ryan's passing got to do with this?

Here we are, shitbags tearing the site's reputation asunder, and folks go at each other in this here thread, giving them an unwilling hand in just making the damn situation worse. It's good that people are outraged over this, but they'll only end up turning that outrage against each other, it's exactly what's happening. The situation was bad enough, but man-oh-man, this aftermath. Right now we ought to be sticking together, and instead of trying to figure out why humanity has sunk oh-so-low, we should be migrating over to the thread where we all wish the hires welcome to the site. It has about a third of the posts this one does.

There certainly are valid arguements in this thread, good questions and interesting opinions on this whole show, but talking about it isn't going to accomplish anything. I'd personally suggest we let Rorie relax, and try to keep cool heads.

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Great to have you with us. Entire site has, quite logically, been anticipating who'd turn up to be the new hires. Judging from the podcast, it seems like you're going to fit right in.

While I doubt you'll personally read this, I hope that todays explosion of cloak and dagger wielding shitbags hasn't soured you on what I still consider a genuinely terrific community. I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say that we hope you'll find means and desire to interact with the community, and ofcourse, that you enjoy your stay.

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@artisanbreads: @sterling: @veektarius: @voodoopc: To clarify, there's a menu option that simply allows you to disengage the dual conversational stuff for both single and multiplayer. This really is not a co-op game, but simply a great RPG with some really cool multiplayer options that they did a bad job of explaining. There's a lot of pretty neat options in there, such as a Dragon Age esque zoom-in on talking characters, and the ability to rotate the camera 360 degrees. I'd not recommend the latter as it shows parts of the map that simply aren't textured, but hey, it's there for mod content.

As for me, I finished the available content in the early access and have am now inching closer to the same point in the proper release, and booooy, am I loving the shit out of this game. Combat's terrific, though it takes a while to get going. Once it has, it's tactical, explosive and just fun. Experimenting with environmental spell effects keeps being entertaining, I only just manages to create a fireball that occupied the entire screen. That was alright. The writing is the best part of this game by far, consistently hilarious. And it's worth mentioning how incredible the music is.

As a free tip for anyone who means to play this game, take the "Pet Pal" talent, no matter what you do. It's absurd how much dialogue they've written for the animals.

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RPG - Baldur's Gate II

JRPG - Final Fantasy VI

My top choices are pretty boilerplate. I think the best J/RPGs are the hidden gems that people really should play but rarely do. Like Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines or Dark Cloud 2.

Exactly what I was going to say. Though depending on which day you'd ask me, I might pick Planescape: Torment over BG 2.

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@saik0u: You couldn't possibly mistake them as is. There's no need to compromise your style, these being quasi-caricatures, if you aren't comfortable with it. That said, I'm still afraid Muir is going to eat me... He is, isn't he?

And as for Ryan, I get it. It's hard not to, looking at that sketch you provided. Honestly thought that, by now, I'd be able to look at a picture of him like that and laugh, but you're completely right. Hopefully that'll change some day. Weirdly enough, it's actually my favourite of the work you've displayed here. I think it captures him really well.

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- "Oldboy", the original korean version. Please, PLEASE do not bother with the american remake. It is an abominiation and an affront to what is my favourite movie from my favourite director.

- "Lost In Translation", Bill Murray at his best and most vulnerable.

- "The Life Aquatic", though you really can't go wrong with any Wes Anderson film. A lot of folks in here are mentioning "Rushmore", and while that's among his best, I'd put "The Darjeeling Limited" above it.

Making this list was a lot easier than I'd expected. God knows that if someone were to ask me to name my favourite 3 albums, or books, I'd start feeling genuinely guilty for cutting so many worthy contenders out of the running. It'd also get monotonous real quick as I consider Radiohead and the Pixies to be the pinnacle of music and Murakami the greatest, modern author.

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You really ought to mention what kind of genres you enjoy playing. If you end up streaming a game that's simply not to your liking, it won't be fun for anybody unless you're creative about your complaints. Try to choose something you're genuinely excited by, something that's worth talking about. If it's a very high-speed action game, with little downtime, you won't be able to make much insightful commentary. I'd personally recommend a niche game for a specific audience, or a more story-focused game.

Also, unless someone's threatening you with sodomy, please don't ever say "Please love me" in any context ever again. Thanks, man.