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@sackmanjones: I'd personally recommend you do side-stuff until about level 5-6, head to Val Royaux and attend the myriad of requests you receive to meet folks; and then ride out the main story for a while until a bit more content opens up. At that point, "whatever" seems like a pretty apt description.

Many of the zones after the Hinterlands seem a bit more structured in terms of having a few really large quest-lines that take you through the majority of said area, and then some side-stuff ontop of that. Completing said larger quests also come with some pretty radical changes to the landscape in the aftermath, so you get to visibly see what you've done, which is a REALLY nice touch to making your actions seem impactful.

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You ain't seen nothing yet.

I'd argue the two zones you just mentioned are among the less impressive ones in the game. So if you're already impressed at this point, just you hold onto your hat.

You're right, though, it is freaking gorgeous. The view from Skyhold, man..

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Boy, I only just finished this quest not 10 minutes ago, and came away, mind blown out of the water. It's like a song I like or something. I've been loving this game from minute one; the larger story-driven quests have all been sublime in my opinion where-as the "open world" questing was a little bit less compelling, though still pretty great once you got into the groove of it.

This here section, however, completely outshines and outdoes anything before hand in the game, and arguably even in ANY Bioware product. It's cinematic enough to be worthy of an MGS title, with a fantastic balance between the dramatic and the downplayed. Songs are sung, bad guys are thwarted, dragons are menacing, character moments are had. All of a sudden, DA: Inquisition is threatening to topple my GOTY list as is.

I am all in.

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I want EVERYONE online but me to use this.

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Oh, they're just being tactful rather than polite, and the different being being polite and being tactful can be summed up fairly easily:

I'm sure that at some point in your life, you have walked in on a woman changing, in the shower or otherwise indisposed. The polite person would in such a situation say "Forgive me, Madame", where-as the tactful person would instead say "Forgive me, Monsieur."

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.. That is a really good question. I'd really like an answer to this as well, if there's anyone who's got it. I wouldn't assume so, however. So maaaybe you should check out Dave's site instead.

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@jking47 said:

I wish you could customize who you saw in the box, would be a nice feature. Asking to just exclude Dan would be a dick move, but I think only wanting to see certain staff members tweets is totally reasonable.

Yup, I agree.

As soon as this thread descends into "I wish I didn't have to ever see ______" territory it's getting locked.

That's a really pessimistic approach there. This is, at best, loosely related to the scenario you're naming, but different in tone and context. And I really think it should be okay to dish out constructive criticism towards the site as long as it's done in a pleasant and helpful manner. You're coming off somewhat threatening there, my friend. I realize that you guys have to deal with a lot of threads of that vile nature, but let's not jump the gun here.

Personally, I think it's a perfectly reasonable request. For instance, I really like Patrick and his work. I always check out Worth Reading and I stay up almost the entire night when Spookin' is live, which never fails to piss off my boss, but hey it's worth it. That said, if I were given the option, I'd turn his Twitter feed off. 90 % of it is links to his articles on the site, him lamenting the bears being crushed or him linking an article that deals with sexism. I already check the site, so I don't need the first, I'm European, so can't find it in myself to understand how you folks enjoy "football", and I'm trying to balance the amount of sexist related articles I read as it's easy to get desensitized by an abundance. The remaining 10 % that is him sharing his opinions on things I find really interesting, but it's sparsely dealt in that format, so overall it just isn't for me. On the other hand, I really enjoy Rorie's feed, and Vinny's filled to the brim with all things dreams are made of.

I'm sure other people share that view, and I see nothing wrong with giving folks the luxury of choice.

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@humanity: But it has allowed me to peer into the depth of the human condition, to see past the conditioning of this first world, digitalized age, and come to grips with the beast that thrives inside me! It has undone the years of double-talk and from it, I have emerged, dark, hunched and glorious in my drive of unseemly appetites!

I really don't know where I'm going with this one.

Now, seriously, how's the music? In particular, they ran an old polish pop song in one of their trailers to fan-puppy-tastic effect. Is there more time/setting-appropriate songs in there?

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@bacongames: I am somewhere between genuinely impressed and creeped out. Damn well done. Ultimately a pretty depressing state of affairs, but what can you do? Thanks for the help.

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@whitegreyblack: I appreciate the sentiment, but I think we can all agree that I'm a little bit bonkers. That said, this gives me a glimpse of hope. I'll keep looking, and hopefully some fantastic individual with an eclectic memory will stumble over this thread.

@szlifier: Rewatching content always gives me a bit of a start as half the stuff I seem to remember never actually pops up. The Unplugged streams are a good example of this, where-in I remember a fight between Rorie and Ian over intelligence modifier-to-damage when throwing your staff. In fact, I seem to have an image of exactly THAT happening every time they're on screen at the same time. They're either really subtle at editing post-mortem, or I might just be sub-consciously discriminating against Ian. I'm pretty damn confident about this Die By The Sword thing actually haven taken place, though.