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I'm genuinely shocked. What a terrible, terrible loss. Thoughts and prayers go out to Ryan's friends and family. A total legend who will be sadly missed. RIP, duder.

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You know, with all this BF3 and MW3 coverage, you'd never know that Dodonpachi Resurrection got released last week.

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Props to M$ for continuing to tweak the UI. Maybe they could sell the old UIs back as DLC to those who really want them.

(runs in the other direction)

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@Odinez: Thanks for the warning. I wrecked Portal 2 for myself in exactly the same way. Gutted.

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@Swoxx: Will do. I'll be interested to see if RSI kicks in before I get my wife and I evicted.

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Treasure - I love you. You specialise in making games that seem to pick out all my flaws and failings as a gamer. This was true for Ikaruga and it's happening again in 'Silvergun. I don't think my language has been this bad in ages. That's always a good sign as far as I'm concerned. Oh well - let's see how much more punishment I can take and how long it takes for the neighbours to start hammering on the walls (again). Wish me luck.