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@sexytoad What do you call a drummer without a girlfriend?


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TEAM: Mongolian Death Worm


1) Name: CardinalSins(Captain)

Position: 2

Wins: 912

Region: US East

Favorite Hero: Meepo

2) Name: Rheiv

Position: 1

Wins: 800

Region: US East

Favorite Hero: Slardar

3) Name: Slvplox (Potato)

Position: 3

Wins: 1100

Region: US East

Favorite Hero: Bounty Hunter

4) Name: Supernaut

Position: 4

Wins: 500

Region: US East

Favorite Hero: Brew Master

5) Name: Zanomaly

Position: 5

Wins: ~119

Region: US East

Favorite Hero: Magnus


Position: 69

Wins: 500

Region: US East

Favorite Hero: Axe

7) Name: Archer (SUB)

Position: 2

Wins 440

Region: US East

Hero: Invoker

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Info was here previously but I am now spoken for, thanks for your interest!

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I have a few years under my belt, if folks want to pick my brain in a few bot matches I would be down.

Feel free to add me on steam or hit me up in the GB channel ingame

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I remember when we did this once before....nobody ever saw RB man again

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Wingless Nightstalker is the most horrible thing in the world.

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This sounds like it could be a life changing experience. Considering I once considered myself "experienced" in the world of dota this tournament has been a real eye opener. From the mind shattering nightstalker bans to the awe-inducing undying play this entire event has been amazing. RB giving us the detailed play by plays each week with a different co caster allows the newbies to get an idea of the high level play going on (they even had a moderator!!?!!!) And the players, oh the players, to see such a high amount of skill in such a small amount of time has both inspired me to become better at dota while scaring me away from even trying (though the former typically beats the latter). Needless to say I am going to be so excited to watch tomorrow's match. Good luck to both teams!

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So are matches still going on with this? I haven't really seen any games scheduled recently outside of thunderfury blessed blade of the windseeker

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