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Rokka Ep 1 is pretty cool you guys. Appears to be another LN adaptation with a "Hero's Journey" story, but the setting (at least for the episode) actually borrows from Aztec/Mayan culture, which was a welcome surprise. It might just be a cosmetic change but wow is it amazing. I do wish that 1/3 of the episode was spent on something other than infodumping though.

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Only T2 game I remember was that light-gun game that I was terrible at playing. Should've guessed other companies would try to cash in on the movie.

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@thunderslash: The game engine was based off the similar arcade-y Gundam Vs. franchise, but this game uses an original IP with some new mechanics, and Gundam fans are incredibly salty about it.

Also, I have only seen a couple of games with unbearable lag after playing on and off for a few hours. Other than that I've had no problems connection-wise.

If anyone wants to team up in game let me know and we can trade Steam info.

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@gaspower said:

@dochaus: @bigjeffrey:

And since BigJeffrey-kun replied, I'll probably watch Nisekoi. (BEST FACES, SON.)

You poor, misguided fool.

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@gaspower: Let's see what I wrote down in the OP a few episodes in...

  • DanMachi/Picking Up Girls in a Dungeon/Hestia Boobstring
  • Blood Blockade Battlefront
  • Shougeki no Soma or, "Food Porn the Anime (not related to last season's Food Porn the Anime, Kofuku/Gourmet Girl Graffiti)"
  • Gintama*
  • uhhh...
  • anything you missed last season

Wow, I guess I really did sleep through last season. Also, I heard good things about Euphonium! if that's your jam.

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@giant_gamer: From what I've seen, it helps to have a Slayer (or maybe Lilith) when going up against ranged duos. In my experience, Slayer just has to keep dashing around and dodging shots until he gets within striking distance, then disable their long-range attack or special, making things a lot easier. At the very least, they can keep the bad guys occupied while you strike from another angle.

In other news, I'm currently maining Ares, but also having fun playing as Slayer on occasion. So many characters capable of shooting lasers across the map that sometimes I just feel the urge to be a super-ninja and rush down fools.

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@millaj: SAC is a lot better, watch it.

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@giant_gamer: I was going to make this thread, but it looks like you beat me to it.

Anyways, I put a few hours into the game between yesterday and today, liked it enough to actually add things to the wiki for this game. It's essentially a more modern, more cooperative Virtua On but with people instead of robots, and the 2v2 makes it a lot easier to work as a team even when you're not really trying. Yeah, the F2P system might get a bit grindy, but you can buy all the character's with in-game money, and I've just about bought the third of the playable cast that I'll be using the most. This game fills the hole that the all but dead Anarchy Reigns left in my heart. I just wish there was more info online than people whining about how this game is not Gundam.

The best part about this game so far? You can play the President of the United States and fire a giant lightning cannon at anyone foolish enough to challenge you.

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@smtdante89: I found it pretty boring and just kinda stopped watching after three episodes, but this is coming from someone who hasn't played the game yet.

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That was the most exciting Own Goal I have ever seen. Seriously, An amazing fucking golazo except for the part where she scored on her own goalie.

Well, at least MURICA can get its revenge on the Nadeshiko.