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Just curious, you playing the original version or FES?

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*pushes up nerd glasses* um, excuse me, but in both the timeline of the game and the year of its production Puella Magi Madoka Magica would not have even been in pre-production yet. It is much more likely that Otacon would have made Sniper Wolf watch something more palatable and relevant like Sailor Moon or Dirty Pair.

Also, funny you should mention the "Tony Hawk level." In original copies of MGS2 Konami added a skateboarding mini-game with the player characters in both Tanker and Plant forms, back when they had a license to make a skateboarding game of their own (can't remember the game). I think they took it out of the downloadable version though.

Joking aside, good blog. I'm always interested to hear what relative newbies to MGS think of the games. Just be warned that Kojima/Konami really went overboard with the cutscenes in MGS2 if you decide to play it. Not necessarily a bad thing, but annoying to many. On the bright side, you get to aim in first-person view starting from that title! They wouldn't ditch the top-down perspective until the updated MGS3: Subsistence.

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There's a recent anime called Sabagebu! out that you'd love. It's got girls with guns learning the harsh realities of the battlefield, and the same (Japanese) VA behind The Boss in MGS3 voices one of the best characters!

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@mems1224: You've got two guys named Ryan who can allegedly throw footballs. That's a thing I guess?

My Skins have a QB with a little too much confidence that will probably get him killed halfway through the season, and a backup who is even worse when starting in a not-preseason game..

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Awesome, let's get this game between two good teams overwith so I won't feel guilty if I miss watching the worst two teams of 2013 this Sunday. Ah, to be a Skins fan.

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Aw geez there's already another season full of shows coming up? I'll have to blog about that at some point.

PS: Barakamon continues to be heartwarming in a season full of (somewhat well-written) despair.

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Aldnoah.Zero Ep8: As said before, being Slaine is suffering. They don't call the showrunner "Urobutcher" for nothing.

Sabagebu! Ep8: Because one creepy sketch wasn't enough for this episode, they have two! But the second one comes with a twist.

Argevollen is still a thing. Not a good or bad thing. Maybe a disappointing thing. Less disappointing if you picture Jamie as the real MC instead of whatshisface.

Finally, watched the first few eps of the OG Cutey Honey. That was some real oldschool animation right there, but it was fun for its time. Especially how the villains just kind of explode into a black mist and one lady named Panther Claw has an extra panther claw on her head.

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@hamst3r: Wouldn't believe how many internet-friends were trying to tell me "BUT THEY USED DIFFERENT ANIMATION IN THE ENDLESS EIGHT! YOU JUST DON'T GET IT MAAAAAN!" when I told them it sucked. I will give props to the studio for pulling off one of the biggest trolls in anime history though.

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I'd switch OK Computer and Amnesiac around.

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@mwng: The trailer looks pretty cool, but not sure if I can bring myself to kickstart things again when I'm still waiting on the last few to come to fruition.

@alexandersheen: Artistic license: English is different in that world. Bam! Excuse!

In other news still watching Argevollen for some reason. It's not the best mech show, but it's not bad either, kinda reminds me of old-school Gundam at times. I think the show becomes more enjoyable if you think of Jamie as the MC instead of Tokimune.

Aldnoah.Zero is still awesome in its own way. Inaho is the best MC of the season.