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@bigjeffrey: Well, they already made a P4A manga, who's to say they won't eventually make an anime if this franchise keeps printing money?

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Aldnoah.Zero Ep1: I like it so far, though you could see the twist coming a mile away when those space-nobles chatted with each other. "Hey, wouldn't it be cool if our Princess died during her mission to Earth and I finally had the pretext to blow shit up down there? Just thinking out loud, not that I've sent agents to the surface ahead of time to make sure it happens and then blame the humans or anything!"

Bakumetsu Rock Ep1: Apparently based off an otome game, judging by the designs. Clearly not for me, though the idea of the shinsengumi as evil pop idols is kind of funny. Ever since Gintama I can never take the shinsengumi as seriously as most of Japan.

Daimidaler Ep 1: I forgot this show existed until recently, and now I want to keep forgetting it existed. A super robot show featuring alien penguins with giant "front tails" and humanity's only defense is fueled by that feeling a high school boy gets when he feels boobs for the first time. It is hilariously awful.

Chaika Ep 10-12: Well, those were some fucked up bad guys, but overall I'm pleased with how it ended and can't wait for the second season.

Mekakucity Actors Ep 10-12: Did they ever explain what Shintarou's power was? It seemed to be "commit suicide to meet Ayano" unless I missed something? Despite (or because of?) the SHAFTness of the production I did like the show. The covers of the Vocaloid tracks were a nice bonus too.

Argevollen Ep 01: So far, old-school Gundam as fuck but with weird CG and no space battles. Just need to find rival commander guy with a mask.

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Pre-ordering the limited edition of (vanilla) MvC3 with steelbook case, comic and 2 later-released DLC characters. Then the Ultimate version gets released nine months later as a brand-new retail release and the game I have is all but abandoned. I didn't buy it until it was $5 and about to disappear from XBL forever due to The Mouse's stranglehold on Marvel copyrights.

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While rushing to download SSF4AE on the XBOX 360 as it was still free for those with Gold accounts, I discovered that this title was also available for free. Decided to download it, played it a little, and it turned out to be amazing. It's a 4-player co-op beat-em-up game from the same people behind The Dishwasher games, except a lot easier and a little more fun!

I've only played through a few stages, but I've already found some unique positives about this game: clothes you can buy with in-game money, tattoos that give you magic ("Anar-chi") powers, the ability to brew your own beer and then drink it (or sell it for more in-game cash), hidden QR codes that can unlock other gear with your (in-game) cellphone, and a metal soundtrack in the background to top it off!

If you haven't thrown out your XBOX 360 or subscription to XBL yet, grab this game while you still can. Now.

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Guess what? Live-action Lupin III movie! The trailer makes it look better than I expected.

The plot is allegedly an updated "origin" story, but on the other hand Lupin's been around for decades so I'm not too concerned with any continuity being ruined here. I am curious if Zenigata is going to be the hardcore vengeful cop or the bumbling Inspector Clouseau cop in this version.

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I tuned in to the CvS2 stream and saw a literal "Draw Game" due to timeout. I didn't think such a thing was possible.

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@zomgfruitbunnies: Paku's solid, but usually a little deeper in her voice. Kobayashi can ramp up her tone from "sultry" to "screeching monkey" in a second.

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@bigjeffrey: Yu Kobayashi really sells that teacher's insanity. I enjoyed SYD a lot longer than I should have.

On a semi-related note, apparently Platinum is going to make an Avatar game with Korra? Any truth to this rumor?

EDIT: Polygon says yes.

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Aw man, that was a crazy fuckin game. Can't believe the Portuguese pulled it out with 30 seconds to go. Hopefully they can beat Ghana so US can slip into the next round.