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@hamst3r: Wouldn't believe how many internet-friends were trying to tell me "BUT THEY USED DIFFERENT ANIMATION IN THE ENDLESS EIGHT! YOU JUST DON'T GET IT MAAAAAN!" when I told them it sucked. I will give props to the studio for pulling off one of the biggest trolls in anime history though.

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I'd switch OK Computer and Amnesiac around.

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@mwng: The trailer looks pretty cool, but not sure if I can bring myself to kickstart things again when I'm still waiting on the last few to come to fruition.

@alexandersheen: Artistic license: English is different in that world. Bam! Excuse!

In other news still watching Argevollen for some reason. It's not the best mech show, but it's not bad either, kinda reminds me of old-school Gundam at times. I think the show becomes more enjoyable if you think of Jamie as the MC instead of Tokimune.

Aldnoah.Zero is still awesome in its own way. Inaho is the best MC of the season.

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I enjoyed this as an homage to retro sci-fi where there were clear good and bad guys with a McGuffin between them. However, I do agree that Gamora was more "tell, don't show" throughout the movie with regards to how awesomely badass she was. While we're at it, throw in Drax, because for all his hype he got his ass kicked by every named character.

Also, try not to think too much about how this film fits in the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe, lest it become more of a headache.

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I'm tempted to just shake my fist and shout, "You darn kids and your aversion to reading anything longer than 2 sentences without a stupid emoticon mixed in somewhere! You're the reason humanity is doomed! I hope the next time you write 'tl;dr' as your sole contribution to a post or comment thread, the ghost of Hunter S. Thompson burns a cigarette in your eye!"

There's no wiki style guide because not enough of the Top Men give a shit to make one. In lieu of that, let the people who actually do give a shit fill up the wiki pages with info. You want more brevity, better formatting or eyecatching images? Put them in! No one's stopping you!

On a side note, this thread made me check on that half-finished Resonance of Fate guide I started some time ago only to find it had been wiped out during the transition. Now that I've got a "real job" I'll be damned if I could find the time to rewrite it, especially since only one duder ever mentioned it, and most other readers were either spambots or Google crawlers.

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Gameplay footage of Celica with her Stand Minerva, while Tomokazu Sugita (Ragna's VA) is in the background, asking why Minerva is wearing some kind of thong and nothing else. At least 3 Distortion Drives shown for Celica: a giant raygun, some kind of quick slashing one, and Celica healing herself.

I also liked Celica's victory pose was her healing the opponent.

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Believe it or not, I've actually narrated an audiobook that got published on Audible. If you're into WWI-era historical fiction told from a Texan's point of view, check it out.

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Aldnoah.Zero Ep4: They literally could've destroyed this Martian bot if they just had a pair of choppers firing at the same time from each side. Having said that, I do enjoy how Inaho barely gives any fucks outside of the price on eggs at the store.

In other news: I actually bought dead-tree omnibuses (omnibii?) of the manga for Battle Angel Alita and Monster. Hopefully this repairs some of the karma I've lost from reading them online.

Also, thanks to the various pictures floating around, I guess I'll have to watch Barakamon now.