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That was such a Wizards win, the way nobody could shoot in the first and fourth quarters. Props to The Truth for keeping them in the game though.

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OP slightly updated because I was feeling bored and realized that with AV officially dead my list is gone with it.

@bigjeffrey: Ping Pong is a great show. Just finished off the first 6 eps myself.

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Yeah, it was a friendly played on a fake pitch and with both sides bringing their third choices but still DOS A CERO!

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@i_stay_puft: a mixed bag so far when I played against actual people, but leaning towards "tolerable." My first two rounds were full of people screaming at teammates and me for various reasons, made me take a little break from the game. Then when I finally got back, the next few matches I played with some people who were actually kinda helpful in dealing with enemies and doomsday devices. We later added each other to the in-game buddy list or whatever they call it. Haven't cruised through any game forums yet so I can't say definitively "good" but I've stuck with this thing much longer than most MOBAs I've played so they're doing something right.

PS: I am "DoktorHaus" in game if you feel like adding me.

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@secondpersonshooter: You're a Satoishi Kon fan? Have you seen Paprika, Paranoia Agent, Tokyo Godfathers, and maybe Millenium Actress? I'll throw in a couple suggestions off the top of my head: Uchuten Kaizoku (a.k.a. "The Eccentric Family") and The Tatami Galaxy. Those two are one cour (about 12-13 eps) each so you shouldn't have too much trouble digging through them.

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The Swamp Thing is now in the free rotation of heroes. I've been having a bit of fun with him, a tank character who can teleport out of danger and entangle enemy heroes. Might even buy him if I save up enough in game coins.

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@longmasterwolf: I do think it could go to game 7, but I fear whoever wins will just walk right into the sharp talons of the Atlanta Hawks so it's kind of moot.

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Wizards finished slouching their way into the playoffs with a pair of OT losses in 3 days, including a Pacers matchup that was so sloppy on both sides I could swear it was Game 2 of last year's playoffs. Look around the town you'll find everyone hype as shit about the Capitals (hockey) while they've pretty much resigned themselves to fate about the Wizards, even though they share the same building and are both playoff teams helmed by amazing stars. Not helped by the fact that at any Wizards home game at least half the crowd is there to see the other team's stars, and the owner's response is to raise ticket prices even higher so hometown fans can't or won't bother to buy them.

I did love reading Paul Pierce's comments online, especially saying that Otto Porter should get mean. I think if Porter put on a few more pounds of muscle and stays out of Wittman's doghouse he really could a great player for the team, but we'll have to wait until next season to find out.

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@shinboy630: I mentioned on Facebook that on the positive side, the Nationals are getting their bad plays out now, you just gotta have faith they'll turn things around when Span and Rendon come back. 10 minutes later, my Chicago-based cousin responded, "you realize you sound just like a Cubs fan?"

I had no rebuttal.

I do bet that Desmond's starting to wish he had taken the extension offer when he had the chance. If he keeps up this rate of errors he'll be lucky to get market value when we have at least two SS ready to replace him before next year.

@apparatus_unearth: Keep an eye out for Carlos Santana (1B) and Jose Ramirez (SS) on offense. Those two will probably drive in a good deal of runs for the team. Mike Aviles (LF) is doing better than expected but will probably regress to the mean sooner or later. As for pitching, pray that Corey Kluber can keep his AL Cy Young form from last year. Not too sure about the rest of the team, as I haven't followed the Indians too closely, though they did have a ton of errors and bad luck in the first half of 2014 before straightening out and fighting for a wild card spot in October.

If it makes you feel better, Sports Illustrated predicted the Indians will win the World Series over the Nats in their MLB Preview edition.

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@i_stay_puft: 100% for the players? You gotta be joking, especially for the rookies who are going through the system with very little control over their destiny for the first 7 years when a team gets their rights, or the good older veterans begging for even a minor-league deal come Spring from any team in need of depth. Hamilton may not be a very sympathetic figure, but Arte Moreno only has himself to blame for dumping a pile of gold on Hamilton's doorstep and then trying to take some or all of it back when his gamble didn't work out the way he'd hoped. If Hamilton's BA was a few hundredths higher, Moreno would be falling on his sword for the guy when he checked himself into rehab like the Browns with Johnny Manziel. Instead, he's trying to blame everyone but himself for the deal he negotiated.