Every man has his price.

mine seems to be $19.99

  A couple days ago I picked up Dark Void for twenty bucks.  Leaving the store I started thinking about the other games I’d bought over the years for twenty bucks and how they run the gamut of games I played a bunch (Prince of Persia [2008]), ones I played once (Halo Wars) and ones I just gave up on (Devil May Cry 4).  I don’t think of any of those games as bad, but I wouldn’t have bought them at full price.  I still can’t figure out why I got Halo Wars I haven’t played a RTS since the original Command & Conquer.  So there it is, my price $19.99 plus tax and I will pick up any game that a) used to cost more and b) is part of a franchise or developer that I like.  
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