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It's called a strike...breh

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I'd totally buy it if only to support Swery...but come on Xbox One exclusive? No real reason for me to buy that console. I had my friend talk me into a PS4 to play Destiny and Fifa with him...also Bloodborne...hey.

At least come out on PC too.

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@marokai said:

The capitalizing of /V/ makes me raise an eyebrow, but obviously if it's true, the individual who did it should be locked up.

EVE Online was repeatedly DDOSed earlier today. These sort of petty hackers are annoying and have issues. Phil Fish is hardly the most well-balanced individual either, but obviously it doesn't excuse anything like this, assuming it is true.

Make sure you guys don't fuck around and miss taking a dump on Phil Fish on his way out!

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You just put Bloodborne in your games list, and you said you liked indie games. I'm guessing you don't have a gaming PC.

Therefore PS4.

Although you putting down that your bro has the Xbox One but pretty much saying whatever afterwards kinda bummed me out man...jeez. I have a PC and I'm buying a PS4 early before Bloodborne just to play that dumb space wizard game with my brother.

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It depends on your region. I live in the Midwest, and Comcast is immensely better than Verizon.

Is that like Verizon FiOS or just regular Verizon DSL?

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The first non-Asian Evo winner in street fighter IV!!

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Only if Vinny always shows up half an hour late for the show with bloodshot eyes and a vomit stained shirt as his wife is yelling at him off screen about his continued negligence towards his family to continue to goof off with his buddies about videogames.

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I'm bummed there's no PC version coming anytime soon and I'm also bummed a good friend of mine is getting the PS4 I guess I'm buying that white PS4....

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6:55 pm pacific time.

Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit just wanted to let you know he had Twitch in his head way before you guys, not like the exact idea. But like pretty close, he's a futurist.