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@golguin: I Googled super best friend cast and I got to a page with a guy named "woolie" who's a "hardcore" tournament player and he dislikes noobs....

Thats prolly why they like the kid book.

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I got the season pass for the PC through Green Man Gaming. I ended up not getting those Steam skins I actually wanted. Cause it's not like I love Batman Beyond and their Batman Beyond suit looked like it would even fit with the weird military theme they got going in the game.

Also my PC actually plays Arkham Knight great but I don't even know if I'll get the DLC next week. I feel like I'm being punished for trying to blindly support rocksteady...all the while Witcher 3 sits there patiently like the good girl I keep ignoring.

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  • A player stash for storing items, available in various locations throughout the game. Stash locations are marked on the player's map.

Alright, now it's time to quickly get to Batman's ending and get back to my real favorite game of 2015, unless Fallout 4 turns out great...or No Man's Sky comes out this year.

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Mine actually plays fine so I don't know...I'm about to beat it.

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@ntm: I got it through a Steam Code on Green Man Gaming.

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I bought the season pass and I don't have any of that stuff....

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Eh, it really is just dancing emotes. But them asking you to buy everything again and Luke Smith going "Well ARE YOU NOT A TRUE FAN THAT WANTS EVERYTHING" is pretty gross.

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I'm waiting for just one more gen to upgrade my GPU. That 970ti looks nice but if I can stretch until Pascal I'll be happy.

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I believe the most common name in the world is Mohammed. They got to have that right?

Yes, but only if you spell it as Muhammad, like the boxer. The AMERICAN BOXER.

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I just got done watching The Who's Tommy...

This is weird. Can't wait for Star Citizen on this thing.