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The first non-Asian Evo winner in street fighter IV!!

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Only if Vinny always shows up half an hour late for the show with bloodshot eyes and a vomit stained shirt as his wife is yelling at him off screen about his continued negligence towards his family to continue to goof off with his buddies about videogames.

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I'm bummed there's no PC version coming anytime soon and I'm also bummed a good friend of mine is getting the PS4 I guess I'm buying that white PS4....

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6:55 pm pacific time.

Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit just wanted to let you know he had Twitch in his head way before you guys, not like the exact idea. But like pretty close, he's a futurist.

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@theht: Is Peyton Manning the creative lead?

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@extomar said:

I wonder if it is time to point out you should have saved that money for a PC?

To be honest PC gaming isn't really my thing. I'm not the brightest when it comes to PC specs and stuff. I don't like having a game just to find out my PC isn't up to par with it. I just don't have the patience to go back and forth upgrading my PC.

I built a PC a couple years ago with a 670, I haven't done anything except put games at max since then...

The minute it starts to dip I might just buy a new 800 series of cards if I'm still here.

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I think it's still a little ridiculous I have to fish out my 360 just to play this thing on time and then wait until August for the PC version and pay more money....

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How many japanese developers had to cry so you could post this?

This is what this is about right? Phil Fish is an asshole?

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Did you even get to the water part?

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4 x 4 with animal style fries when I'm drunk.

2 double doubles without bread usually. And yeah, fresh onions.