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Too short to be perfect 0

The Nintendo DS Lite was the first game system I ever really owned. It wasn’t a gift, or a hand-me-down from a friend. It was an actual system I saved up for, went to Target, and purchased. My mind was initially blown. Keep in mind this was before the prevalence of the iDevices as the iPhone didn’t launch until 2007 to the Lite’s 2006 launch date. My first game on the system was not a large release, since I had not quite exposed myself to game journalism yet; I just purchased whatever I thought ...

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Style in spades, but dull at its core 0

Man, do you guys remember cartoons from the 80s and the 90s? I don’t. I was a fetus around the first half of the 90s and have only absorbed the information necessary to understand what those cartoons were like through a kind of cultural osmosis. But I completely get it now. In case you’re like me, unaware of what cartoons from that era were like, then may I introduce Awesomenauts; essentially ‘What We Think 80s Cartoons Were Like 101’.So yeah, there’s definitely a certain style to the whole thin...

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$6 is $7 too much for this game 0

Wolpaw's Law states that that when reviewing a bad game, there is a point where the reviewer can quit because nothing that comes after that point could redeem the game. Can you see where I’m going with this? I never got past the first boss in Samurai Sword Destiny. And for all I care, it could turn into a really great action game after the first boss and it wouldn’t be enough to change my opinion.My biggest complaint is that the combat isn’t very good, which is already a gamebreaker considering ...

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The DRM is the only thing holding it back 0

Before a copy of Diablo 3 showed up at my door, I had never even touched a Diablo game or any dungeon crawler for that matter. My money was always better spent elsewhere, it seemed. I now look back on that mindset with disappointment, because Diablo 3 is really good. Excellent, in fact.Diablo 3 takes place 20 years after the second game’s conclusion. Or so I assume, because the world of Sanctuary is entirely new to me. Don’t worry, new players. You shouldn’t be too lost. Your character is most d...

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It's a good thing a game this wordy has excellent writing 0

Penny Arcade’s On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 3 is a game that doesn’t skimp on the writing. Dialogue is abundant, the monsters you’ll be fighting have their own bits of flavor text, you’ll never be left wanting for dialogue, weapons have individual descriptions, sometimes after fights characters will chat about what they just fought, and there’s quite a bit of dialogue. I suppose it’s a good thing that the writing, presumably all done by Penny Arcade’s head scribe Jerry Holkins, is act...

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Refined, fluid, and well-written. What more could I ask for? 0

Let go.Those two simple words were enough to cement my love for inFamous 2. For those who played it and went the route of the angels, you’ll know exactly what I mean. For those who haven’t even touched this game, hopefully this review will convince you.inFamous 2 takes place fairly soon after the canon “Good Ending” from the first inFamous, with Cole still as powerful as he was at the end of the first game, as the intro’s memorable “supposed to lose” fight with The Beast, who’s arrival was fores...

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Batman: Arkham City Review 0

(Warning – this review does contain some spoilers. The wrap-up paragraph is spoiler free, so if you really care that much about a Batman game, look away until that last paragraph)Have you ever considered that all of this is your fault, Rocksteady?Back in the year 2009, in the days before Matt Smith, a previously unknown developer named Rocksteady released a really good Batman game. Not just ‘good for licensed games’, I mean really damn good. Fast and fluid combat, thick and heavy atmosphere, a c...

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