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@pr1mus said:

Can we have screenshots of what it looks like?

Sure - for some reason I couldn't post the images directly (tried a couple of times and always got an error), so here's the link to an album showing the changes:

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Long story short, I don't like the new layout much - too much empty space, too little content for me. Instead of whining about it though, I decided to create a solution by making a custom style for Stylish (Firefox extension), which I'll post here just because some other people might be interested. By the way, the tweaks are just CSS, so they're not limited to Stylish - I'm sure you could implement it in any browser on any system, I just don't know how :)

Also, be aware that my knowledge of CSS is extremely limited, so I basically hacked the thing together while googling extensively and I have no idea if what I did breaks anything - seems to be working fine for me, but caveat emptor, yadda yadda.

Here's what the code changes:

  • On the video page it makes the thumbnails below the main video smaller. I wanted to change it so that more of them appear in a single row, but didn't know how to do it, so it's pretty useless, but it still looks slightly better (to me) and requires less scrolling.
  • I modified the look of comments and forums - the avatars are slightly smaller now and there's less space between the posts - again, less empty space and scrolling.
  • Finally, I made the huge images on the main page only appear when you hover your mouse over the 10 pixel wide area right below the main video - otherwise they stay hidden (well, not really hidden, since I didn't know how to do it - I just set the transparency to 0, but hey, it works, so there ;))

I tested the change with multiple font sizes and they seem to work fine here - I normally zoom the text out in Firefox two to three times, but I tried going back to the original (HUGE) size and nothing was obviously broken, so it should work for you guys too, hopefully.

And now for the code - if you have Stylish, just create a new style, name it something and paste it. If you use a different method, just use the object names and properties for reference.

----- Copy everything between this line and the one below -----

@namespace url(;

@-moz-document domain("") {

/* Smaller video thumbnails */
.editorial.grid.thirds > li:nth-of-type(n), .editorial.grid.thirds > dd:nth-of-type(n) {width: 20% !important; }

/* Comments & forums - less empty space between posts, smaller avatars, etc. */
.message {margin: 0 0 0px !important; }
.avatar-user {width: 50px !important; }
.message-wrap {margin-left: 60px !important;}

/* Promo strip hide/show on mouse hover */
.promo-strip {height: 10px !important; opacity: 0 !important;}
.promo-strip:hover {opacity: 100 !important; height: auto !important;}

 ----- This is "the line below" -----
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I guess I'll wait until Tuesday, but just in case, there's another problem with the feeds (regular ones, not premium) - they were switched from full content to partial - I hope it's a mistake that's getting fixed too...

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I'm actually a bit disappointed after playing the demo. I was expecting something a little less... I don't know, button-mashy? The game is just too frantic for me - I have no idea what's happening, things explode all over the place, I'm not sure if I'm doing any damage or not and the amount of on-screen messages (if you don't turn them off) is completely overwhelming...

I don't mind action in my RPGs - I'm all for that, but this game feels like Marvel vs Capcom of the RPG world - every couple of seconds I found myself going "Wait, what just... how's that... where... what?" and that's not a good thing for me... I guess I'll wait for some reviews before I get it - was going to be a day 1 buy for me, but now I'm afraid I'm just not twitchy enough for it... :(

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For anyone who has a Japanese PSN (or whatever the new thing is) account - the demo is out now and is in English.

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@Avanzato said:

@Enigma777 said:

After the near unwatchable Tricaster pt.2 video I'm not going to waste my bandwidth on the crappy HD videos any more.

It's as well the premium content got going when it did because without that there'd have been no reason to resubscribe.

Yeah, the Tricaster pt.2 is REALLY bad... Tried to watch it, but I had to switch to another tab and make a podcast out of it, since I couldn't stop blinking after a while... Come on guys, fix this - I got a subscription so I can watch HD videos, but now it feels like I wasted my money...

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@litrock said:

I've also been having some pretty serious issues DLing HD videos. Download dies somewhere in the middle of downloading on almost any HD video and even some of the bigger high quality videos. As I primarily use my whiskey membership to download videos to watch later, this is NOT OKAY. I'm three happy hours behind because of this, and lord knows how many QLs.

Yeah, as much as I hate to admit it, media (videos and podcasts) are the only thing that I get from the site and the sole reason for buying a membership. I can understand that streaming large videos to thousands of people might be a challenge, but the fact that I can't even DOWNLOAD them is something I don't understand. If the servers can't handle it, how about setting up a bittorrent solution or something - what's the point in having all those huge videos on your site if no one can actually see them?

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Yeah, happened to me just now with the latest throwdown video - progressive wouldn't even start and streaming abruptly ended about 10 minutes into the video. Trying to download the HD file now, but the download stalled - the first 360 megabytes downloaded really quickly and now my download speed shows 0.0 KB/sec - what gives?

#9 Posted by doctortofu (17 posts) -

Yup, same here. I'm actually glad now that I only got a month of paid membership and it's running out soon - the way things work right now it's pointless trying to watch HD videos anyway. Sure, I'll miss happy hour, but hey - it was almost unwatchable without having it buffer for a looooong while anyway...

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@Panic_Switch: While I can see where you're coming from (I think), I still _do_ condemn them for not allowing me to take responsibility for my own actions. Everyone knows what happened, the leaked information cannot be unleaked now, so if I (or anyone else) still want to use the system in spite of that, if I want to trust that company with my fake name and address (prepaid PSN cards rule), I should be able to do that without the big brother protecting me from myself... If they want to penalize/sue Sony, go ahead, but I find it completely unacceptable that they're telling a private company what to do and even more unacceptable that this private company is actually listening to them...
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