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I'm going to teabag -everything-.

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Go with the White because... Really what are you ever going to do with that camera? Sell destiny on Amazon and use what you got from that for Far Cry 4.

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Man... I'd kill for this soundtrack on vinyl.

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I've been playing and buying a lot less, that's for sure. Most of my spare cash goes toward my record collection these days.

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After finishing this, and maybe getting two chapters into GoT, I have come to the conclusion that TTG really needs to make a new engine, or something. My biggest beef is the lip syncing. It looks almost as bad as something from 2000.

That said, the story to this game (thus far) in particular was pretty damned awesome.

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This is pretty fucking disgusting.

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So... Apparently the Xbone store gifted me with a copy of this and Black Flag... O_o

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I just can't get enthused about this.

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"Anatomical Physics"

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Huh.... I wonder if that's why I'm seemingly losing Moonstones... however it seems once I get up to 50 moonstones it resets itself down to 10 or so. To my knowledge I've only run into one of these moonstone chests. Two technically but the second one I couldn't open because I apparently spent all my moonstones on the first one. This was during the "find the AI" mission.