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After about 200 matches I've learned that you MUST play this game with a 5 man team if you want to have anything resembling fun. When you first start out you can learn the game well enough by yourself, but once you get to the point where you know how to play a bunch of heroes and are actually decent at the game you simply won't have fun playing with 4 random strangers.

I say this because at a certain point, everyone having different strategies and expectations of what is going to happen in the game won't work. Dota is such a team game that over half the skill in it involves carefully planed team compositions and adjustments to unexpected setbacks. This is almost never done in random matches with people. It's not impossible to get with a group of sane humans that talk and have a decent time coordinating, but those games are so rare it's not worth putting up with the hours of shit.

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Wait...I thought he was pretty much the one that invented this thing in the first place.

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I have no idea why, but I used to prefer warm water to cold water. I know, crazy right? Now I always put ice in that shit, but I'll drink it after the ice melts and it gets pretty warm.

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More like De'Gross'i...AMIRITE GUYS!?!?!

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Will the video game industry every adopt a scoring system that's actually coherent? People complain about it all the time, yet all these outlets still produce reviews on a 20 point scale with different weights. For all I know, the 6.5 from Polygon could be a "better" score than the 8 from GI.

This whole thing is just the stupidest thing. It really baffles me that outlets haven't adopted something that actually makes sense. Like...maybe...I don't know, Giant Bomb's scoring system?

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This thread is great and it's even greater because most of you think he is being serious.

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@truthtellah: Okay good to hear lol. I couldn't tell if that site was just trying to be funny like The Onion, or if that guy that created it was just the Alex Jones of video games.

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Fuck bitches, get money.