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@hero_swe said:

"If you meet an asshole in the morning, you met an asshole. If you meet assholes all day, you're on the internet."

Thread's over.

Fixed that for you.

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Sorry, don't try and defend Phil. Yes the comments on his site are just as bad, but Phil actually told the Annoyedgamer to compare his life to his and to kill himself. Seriously folks, he as no right to be defended because he's just as awful as those commenting on his site.

You watch though, I bet this is either a stunt or another Phil Fish moment. Whatever happens, it's not the end of the world is it.

This isn't a fucking eye for an eye. We aren't all 10 year old morons that need to get back at someone for saying something stupid. Yeah, Phil Fish says some dumb shit. At the end of the day, who fucking cares what he says. Even if he tells someone to kill themselves that doesn't give anyone the right to say what they have said in the comments section, and it's not like that's a new thing anyway. People have been attacking this guy for years for absolutely no reason.

By the logic of this situation, if you offend me I should just take it up a notch and stab you because why not. Someone else doing something stupid doesn't mean then you should do something stupid. That is probably the most inane logic anyone has ever used, yet people use it all the time because no one seems to understand rational action.

Yes, Phil Fish isn't the greatest human being, but it's shit like this (from all sides) that makes me so ashamed to even like games and associate myself with them at all. There are plenty of adults that look down on people for playing games because they think it's kid shit, and at a certain point I can't blame them when shit like this goes down regularly in this industry.

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All I have to say is read the comments on his site about him being done with this game. Fuck it, you people want to get offended by it, I don't care. Pretty much every one of the idiots that commented on that thing should ACTUALLY kill themselves.

Seriously, go read those comments and tell me it doesn't make you ashamed to be a human being.

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I really never understood the outrage over the Xbox One. The immaturity of the gaming community seems to forget in an instant that the most important thing is the actual games we are going to be playing. As of right now most of the games worth playing for the PS4 are going to be available for the Xbox One and the Xbox One has some more exclusives worth playing in my opinion.

That means I'd much rather buy the system with more games I want to actually play. That being said, Watch Dogs is probably the only launch title for either system I actually feel like playing, and I think every single person preordering is going to be extremely disappointed that their new console has almost no games worth playing. Go look at the launch titles and you will most likely say "Hey, why the hell am I even buying this system day one?" Then you have to consider the fact that there may be some kind of hardware malfunctions on either one and I see no reason to buy the new consoles in 2013. However, the first year does seem pretty good and by Christmas 2014 the consoles will both look pretty great and we will know which one to get by then.

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After you get to the point where you have about 200-300 games (maybe less or more depending on the person) you will get to the point where you understand the mechanics and the only real way you will get much better at the game is by playing a shit ton and having a consistent group.

That's where I've been for a while and I can pretty much go into any public match and dominate. It's not that I'm good at the game, but when you only play with a bunch of random people it's hard to advance beyond a certain skill level. So, I could pretty much play a game every other day and still have fun and be good, but for me it's not fun unless I'm improving so I pretty much stopped playing it because I didn't have a group.

So the answer is Yes, if you like not getting better and playing hour long games a lot.

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Lost Odyssey.

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I'm playing Tokyo Jungle and a Bombcast would be perfect to go alongside playing this game. Pretty please?

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I've gone to one every year for ten years or more and I'm only in my 20's. It's actually really healthy to have your back worked on and it feels great once your done. Depending what you need it might take longer but usually the Chiropractor will just adjust you and have you feeling great in only a few minutes.

For those that haven't been before there is one fairly scary thing they do when they take your neck and jerk it down to your shoulder almost as if they were trying to break your neck, but if you simply relax and let it happen it cracks a bunch, doesn't hurt, and leaves you feeling great.

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You're right in a lot of ways. The game isn't all it's cracked up to be. The thing that makes it interesting and unique is how they just decided to make everything goofy and ridiculous. Other than that though, actually playing the game is just a standard open world game, a decent one at that, but it's really nothing special when you take away the goofiness.