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I haven't decided if I'm going to vote or not, which pretty much means I'm probably not going to vote. Too much of a hassle to register and then waste gas driving to a place so I can wait in line and cast a vote insignificant not only relative to the entire country, but relative to my state that will always be blue. So unless I get enough money to net a positive from both my time and gas investment, I don't think I'll be voting.

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Um...why would they get an expert for a dying genre that is completely shifting into something new as we speak? There are any number other categories I would rather see filled by the person/people they bring on in the future.

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I am no expert, but V really felt boring to me. I'm not an enormous Civ guy or anything, and I still felt like they stripped out a lot of the complexity that made the older games good. Not only are there less systems at work, but the ones that are a work just seem trivial. Maybe it was just me, but the amount of ways to actually play the game and win seem to be limited compared to the older games. It felt like they wanted to make it easier for people to get into, but they really just made the whole thing seem limited in scope while still being as slowly paced as ever, really making the entire game way more monotonous and laborious.

My time with Civ III was so long ago that I have completely forgotten everything about that game, but I remember playing Civ IV and feeling like the presentation was better, but the mechanics of how the game actually worked weren't as fun. In conclusion, I would probably play Civ III or IV. If you find that it's over your head, move on to V. When you feel like V is just too boring, move back to IV or III.

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I believe it was about 3 years ago almost exactly. My cousin and uncle showed me the Endurance Run and I've been here from then on.

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Sometimes I wish I was born maybe 5 years earlier so I could have grown up in this crazy comeuppance of the internet and it's involvement with video games. Then I see this kind of stuff and am reminded of how I should maybe be grateful that when this was all happening I was just a kid that wanted to have fun playing good games, ignorant of all the nonsense that was the young internet.

Edit: Also, it's weird to see how some of the things they have to say are not entirely "wrong", they just come at it from a completely insane and childish perspective where a 9.9 is something to get mad about.

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I have the feeling this is %100 a "PC exclusive". In other words, "The console/consoles it's coming out on are not actually announced yet so we have to say it's a PC exclusive at least for now."

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This should not change anyone's opinion on the Tomb Raider stuff, because no one should have been mad about people trying to make a unique character that goes through some tough shit to begin with.

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Why does that lady keep talking about developing games for televisions like they just magically play games on their own?

Also, if "the most important part is the controller", you've already messed up...wait...I didn't realize what I was saying...sorry Nintendo.

Also also, everything about that promo video just comes off as extreme pandering from a bunch of random people who know nothing about the game industry.

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I think things will either go way way WAY downhill for Walter this season in every way, or the kind of the oposite where he is a total bad ass but his sickness starts to take its toll again. No matter what happens though, I'm super skeptical at whether or not they can keep up this show amazing especially coming off such an amazing season. That's usually how I am though because I'd much rather be pleasantly surprised rather than let down.

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@Dagbiker said:

Atlus Stuff is half off. So I got a couple PSP games for my PSV, because there is noting like playing old games on your brand new console.

Where did you find that stuff? I looked for it but couldn't find the games on sale.

Edit: Nevermind, found em :P