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I haven't gotten to play much yet, but the one match I did was pretty fun. I can't decide whether I want a Jeff/Dan quick look because of the One Piece one they did, or a GBeast one because of the Naruto one they did.

@ruukie: Most of the fighters are locked at the beginning. There's only about a screens worth unlocked, and for some reason it starts you on the last screen. Left and Right triggers to change screens.

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Destiny and splatoon. Both are in the same boat of having a good core that's online focused and being supported long term through dlc. An attempt to make a sequel would be nothing more than a marketing ploy, as they could have released it as dlc. It would also end up fracturing the community, which is never a good thing. I know they're going to end up doing this with Destiny, and its a bad move.

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I recently got the GOG version working perfectly on my 2010 macbook pro, so I thought I'd give some instructions here if you still need help, as well as anyone else who was thinking of doing this.

First of all, you need a few things.

A copy of the game from GOG of course,

this wineskin

SS2 Wrapper

and wineskin winery from here

Wineskin Winery

you might need wine as well, but of that I'm not sure of that since I already had it. The easiest way to get it is the bundle with wine bottler.

Wine Bottler

The wrapper you are downloading was made for the CD version, so installing the GOG version right into it won't work. To get it to work, first you need to create a wrapper to download the game in.

Open winery, download the newest wrapper version and engine WS9Wine1.5.23. Use them to create a new wrapper. It might ask you to install something, say yes.

Once this is done, find the empty .app it created. It should be in user name->applications-> wineskin. If not just search for it with the name you chose for it. Right click and choose show package contents. Once inside, open the within as a normal app, and use it to install your system shock 2 installer exe by clicking install software and then choose setup executable.

Once that's all done, find a folder called "System Shock 2" within the wrapper you made and installed the game in. Then, go to the SS2 wrapper you downloaded and click show package contents on that as well. Find a folder called "Put game files in here" within the SS2 wrapper and put the "System Shock 2" folder in there. Now, clicking on the System Shock 2 wrapper should open and run the game.

I hope this helps.

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I wish they would do but, but it will probably just be talked about in the game of the year podcasts. The only reason the VLR and 999 ones happened was because Patrick was the only one who played them, and he finished them both after the goty podcasts for the years they came out.

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They have little effects like if you don't throw the ball at the couple, they give you gear later, but it doesn't affect the actual story.

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Solid Gold edition along with all my other SMT stuff on a shelf.