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I'm comfortable with a discussion on sexism; not with a thread from a staff member basically shitting on half of the community and trying to shame people to death. Seriously; I like you Patrick, but fuck off with that shit. If you've reached the point that you're just arguing with the community now, let the topic die and approach it in a different way at a different time, because you're not accomplishing a goddamn thing like this. Like I said in the other thread. I agree with what you're trying to get at wholeheartedly. Not the way you're doing it. You want to combat sexism; do it with action, do it in your life, do it when you see people make sexist comments, take a stand on not covering certain games or events if you find them offensive. But you don't seem like you want to do that. You want to take the noble progressive stand without any of the consequences. You want to make a few tweets to make yourself feel better and then shame everyone who disagrees with you putting a bunch of hashtags in your official journalistic Giant Bomb workload. Sexists ain't the problem here. That's not why most people got pissed with that first article. People got pissed because of your tendency to include your social crusades in your official news articles. I'm not inherently against that, but your "article" of tweets doesn't count as real journalism. Stop picking a fight with your own community. It's no fucking wonder why people remain hostile to you here.

A hundred, thousand, million times THIS. Fucking THIS.

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Oh Giant Bomb, the one website I thought was safe is safe no more..

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@MetalGearSunny: ಠ_ಠ

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@MetalGearSunny: How dare I have an opinion. Best to ignore everything I disagree with.

Fucking moron..

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According to Metacritic, Dragon Age 2 has a score of 79. I don't think I trust Metacritic anymore..