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Jason has been doing a fantastic job recently, especially with his on the fly tweaking with the Tricaster. He's not yet matched up to some of the insanity that Vinny was able to cook up behind the boards in the past (see: Thursday Night Throwdown/UPF/Live Streams), but I'll take what I can get.

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Jeff is the boss. Of course he would get at least 1 preferential pick in COD.

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@citizencoffeecake: Means you are playing on hard mode. Pressing up/down on the character select screen switches between Normal/Hard.

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Another vote for MediaMonkey. Good at monitoring and organising Podcasts and always remembers your place on each episode.

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The Destiny Alpha is over. Do you mean the upcoming beta?

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  1. Grim Fandango PS4
  2. Grim Fandango Vita
  3. No Man's Sky

I'm predictable :)

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I completely agree. Highly recommended. Fired up FTL:AE after watching the QL yesterday and didn't find it too different. Once I installed the Captain's Edition, I played for 6 hours straight (I don't know if that's a good thing...)!

There's even an 'Infinite' option for it, which gives you the option at the end of every sector, to either jump 'closer' to the Federation ships for 10 Fuel, or continue to roam around deep space (same sector) for 1 Fuel. Of course, everything is scaled up to balance this out :)

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@rorie: Why not just use a site ripper and save a personal copy of the site layout for yourself?

I recommend the completely free HTTrack Website Copier

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Switched to a PS4 controller and have been happily using that for a few months.

For anyone interested, the DS4 Driver is here

Lets you use the DS4 touchpad as a mouse, so you can control some of those Steam partial controller support games from a sofa without needing a wireless mouse, so an added bonus.

However, I never seemed to naturally memorise the layout of the Xbox 360 buttons (ABXY and their colours/locations) so I still have to keep a little post it note on my monitor to help when playing games that have onscreen prompts. Too many years only playing SNES games and Playstation games I guess.

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@devil240z: PS3. I also have 0 problems with multiple audio outputs, except for this game specifically. Every other PS3 game goes to my optical out, no probs.