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I was surprised to hear it coming that soon after the anousment. More time to consider getting a ps4 or not.

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note to self, never get too into any EA online games...ever again

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Thank You

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I love that fan site where I can pick who's in the Quick Looks.

Any idea what happened to

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Thanks for the fast response guys.

side question.

Just how do you guys keep track of all the different stuffs the crew done over the years. There's always these situation where I goes "there's this video where the crew did this and play that" but finding it with the site is rough. (IMO, the directory is horrible)

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Can anyone link me to the video feature where the bomb crew play some FPS mod which include Chex quest, elder scroll and mega man sprite.


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ahh Fuck i'm lv 22 on dominion, playing on and off. That is my 5th character already so I don't think i'll be switching over.

Any word on a Giantbomb community on the Warbringer Dominion side?

Edit: Fuck it, making a new exile Warrior. Toss me an invite whenever possible. "Doe"

Do I need to be online to receive the invite?

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I know this is a dumb way of thinking but buying something interesting from a somewhat independent company just seem more exciting in whatever way.

Then again, buying a product from Facebook just seem so wrong in so many level

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one thing if I didn't know it was coming. God damn seeing it on the coming up schedule and having lunch ready eagerly awaiting to watch it while eating. It was so disappointing and now it's 7 hours later. Maybe I should just move on to NG+

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Going up the stairs of Dragon Shrine was full of wonder, those dragon knights just makes you want to be one of them. I couldn't believe they could reproduce seeing Anor Londo for the 1st time.

But then the room passed stair way is all there is, and it was the end of the area. It was kind of a let down.