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I have the master key and that gate in the depth of hell did nothing when I approached it....WTF, I must have used over 1000 arrows shooting dead t-rex in hell

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I say kill all the FireLink keeper, they drop items to upgrade the Flask, kill all the convenent leader in general. 
and try to buy all the limited items from merchants; like humanity, rings, buff and such

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 - Gotten killed by the Four King 10 times  (on my lv 1 pyromancer run)
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I was farming for 20k souls to get the key to the forest, and I died at 16k.  That's the only one that I got pissed over losing souls.  I came to expect that. 
but I do get really pissed when I die with Humanity.

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When enemies start getting to the point where blocking their hits means you lose your whole stamina bar AND lose health. Did i mention they also come with archers on faraway ledges shooting at you while walking on a narrow bridge?

@Shirogane Those dragon slayers pushed me over the edge, figuratively and literately. I put down the game for a week. The thing that pull me back was remember how beautiful the castle is and that I want to keep exploring it.
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@senorfuzzeh: I never understood how the "Raise to the Sun" thing works, I always see that message coming up here and there and I heard of people summoning him for help. 
I never see his summon sign when I was playing human.   I even started a new character, play it all the way through Anor Londo all the way human (naked girl : D ) and I never get to summon him.  That and I never gotten invaded as well. 
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the animation seem really honky 

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I was something like level 26, I pretty much go straight from the 1st bell to the 2nd bell without doing anything in between. 
Couldn't beat the Twin boss for like a week and I spend like hours around the bonfire farming.  Gotten myself to like Level 40 and still couldn't beat they bosses.  I gotten so frustrated that I started reading/watching strategy for the game and then it hits me that I can actually summon other players to my game. 
That was the 1st boss where I resort to using humanity items and summon 2 other player to help me out.  Still took like 4 tries with 3 players lol.   I learned a hard lesson that I should stay back and let other player do the hard works cuz the the session end when I die.    
Edit: I play a warrior with pure Vit, Stam, Str/Dex with a +4 Lightning Spear I got from the freaking mimic which ate me alive the 1st time i encounter it.

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I was mostly practicing counter with all the dark knights. I've gotten good enought to do it 90% of the time. They're worth 900 soul, not much but considering I manage to 1 shot counter them. It was fair quick and fun.

I never though of using home world for farming. Thanks for the tip.

Ps: damn mobile site with no edit button.