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I was farming for 20k souls to get the key to the forest, and I died at 16k.  That's the only one that I got pissed over losing souls.  I came to expect that. 
but I do get really pissed when I die with Humanity.

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When enemies start getting to the point where blocking their hits means you lose your whole stamina bar AND lose health. Did i mention they also come with archers on faraway ledges shooting at you while walking on a narrow bridge?

@Shirogane Those dragon slayers pushed me over the edge, figuratively and literately. I put down the game for a week. The thing that pull me back was remember how beautiful the castle is and that I want to keep exploring it.
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@senorfuzzeh: I never understood how the "Raise to the Sun" thing works, I always see that message coming up here and there and I heard of people summoning him for help. 
I never see his summon sign when I was playing human.   I even started a new character, play it all the way through Anor Londo all the way human (naked girl : D ) and I never get to summon him.  That and I never gotten invaded as well. 
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the animation seem really honky 

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I was something like level 26, I pretty much go straight from the 1st bell to the 2nd bell without doing anything in between. 
Couldn't beat the Twin boss for like a week and I spend like hours around the bonfire farming.  Gotten myself to like Level 40 and still couldn't beat they bosses.  I gotten so frustrated that I started reading/watching strategy for the game and then it hits me that I can actually summon other players to my game. 
That was the 1st boss where I resort to using humanity items and summon 2 other player to help me out.  Still took like 4 tries with 3 players lol.   I learned a hard lesson that I should stay back and let other player do the hard works cuz the the session end when I die.    
Edit: I play a warrior with pure Vit, Stam, Str/Dex with a +4 Lightning Spear I got from the freaking mimic which ate me alive the 1st time i encounter it.

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I was mostly practicing counter with all the dark knights. I've gotten good enought to do it 90% of the time. They're worth 900 soul, not much but considering I manage to 1 shot counter them. It was fair quick and fun.

I never though of using home world for farming. Thanks for the tip.

Ps: damn mobile site with no edit button.

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My 1st farming area was also at Anor Londo, the area before the twin boss.

I was m

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What is Poise by the way? 
I just a ring that increase poise but i have no idea what it means

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can he even invade anyone if all his stats are maxed and extremely high lvl?   Since the game only let in invade player within your level range. 
side question while i'm here:   
Is there a memorial area where all the players on the top of the list are misplaced?   
Instead of just a list in a book, the memorial at the top of the nexus in Demon's Souls was a awesome place to check out all the armors.  It would be awesome if there is fa placfe like it somewhere within Anor Londo. (please tell me there is )

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I'm not a huge fan of IGN, bu

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We all know the true marathoner is the one and only Greg Kasavin when he did the Oblivion marathon and had to stop only because the fire alarm went off.

I've been looking for an archived/ripped/stolen video of that whole thing. I've only ever seen the 15 minute highlights thing, surely someone must have captured and preserved a piece of the Greg?

What's it going to take to get Greg in to do a 24-hour Skyrim marathon? I'd pay to see something like that...wait, I'm already paying...

Greg doesn't work for whiskey media : (