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Need to let out all my frustration accumulated over the years. Sorry for the language.

I love the people at GaintBomb, the things they do and the contents they put on the site. The site looks great and it's very well designed in a lot of ways. But why the fuck wouldn't they ever organize all the contents in a sensible manner. The video feature page is one lousy mess with everything crammed into it. Even looking up for the video I want but unsure of the "name" is difficult, let alone trying to browse it.

Why do they insist on not adding more categories/folders/pages for all the different type of content they are coming up with, even with a brand new page redesign. For god sake Patrick had been doing the "Worth Reading" article for years now, how the fuck can there not be a page with a list of all those articles he wrote? And why isn't there an article page in general? Do they not care to keep a record of the stories they wrote at all?

Most of these categories of content sorting can sometimes be solve with using the search. Like sometimes I can search "Random PC game" and the site would display all that "category" of videos Vinny and Dave did back in the days. But half the time the search wouldn't work, right now I try to search Worth Reading and Worth Playing; nothing showed up.

And speaking of search. Maybe I'm stupid and never figure out how but is there no search by thread title?

Basically it comes down to me having some sort of OCD. With all these contents displayed in such a mess, drives me crazy over the years. And I love going back to watch all those "one off" silly they've done over the years, like the dungeon siege retrospective video Vinny and Ryan did. Please organize the site, it would be a shame all those content lost in pile of mess for new comer to the site.

Have that beer weekend sometimes and tag the content. Or select portion of the community do it, I'm sure there are people eagering to do it.

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We hear microsoft and now sony as well doing it openly.

not a surprised

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@madreisz: Goddamn you are awesome, Thank You so much for it.

I was able to use Tampermonkey (chrome ext) and add in the script to the URL so that I don't have to paste it into the console every time.

I also use this script to remove the bettor listing from the page, since I find it useless and taking up too much space.

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@vegetashonor: connection fail : (,

I'm assuming someone has to man it in order for it to work, will check it again later.

The copy and paste thing wouldn't work since I'm doing "work" on the other screen where I tent to just copy and paste >.>

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I have Salty Bet on a 2nd monitor running, I want to bet more often but I have it annoying having to enter in a bet amount every time.

Wish there's a way I can just all in every time , or select a pre selected amount/%

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Zone of the Enders, best mech game there is.

And if can dig into Japanese menu and into turn base strategy; super robot war is fucking awesome. And you'll see where all the robots and monster Pacific Rim is drawing inspiration from.

I nearly had a childhood organism when I see rocket punch in a big screen.

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Ryan and Jeff were the sol reason I've gotten interested in the journalism side of video game.

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hey umm...I'm pretty slow and don't follow the interweb

should I be laughing or crying....

I can't believe I have to say this out loud but these are jokes right? How being marrying is like being dead?

Somebody tells me what to feel, it's getting weird.

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I hope the action part of the game would get better.

As of now from what I'd seen from E3, there are way too much slowmo moments during combat.

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as if last night's Game of Throne didnt' leave me sober enough

came onto Giantbomb today to see this.