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anyone recall the game of the adventure game where some princess got toss out of a airship with a colourful cartoony art style?

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I can never get into a point and click adventure game myself. Do love all those quick look Vinny have done with the genre and it's just nice to leave them running in the back of my 2nd monitor. Have anyone done a list for them? or it is possible to do a sorted search for it?

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After hearing all these awesome things about the game, I figure I should at least give it a shot even though it's not my type of game.

Just got passed the tutorial with the controller. However all the buttons prompts were in Keyboard/mouse. I can navigate all the menus fine but I can't change the "Input Device" Is there some option outside the game for controller setting? Like Binary Domain where I have to change the button prompts to controller. (also a game I bought cause of the game of the year bombcast and " I NEED TO KNOW")

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@PeasantAbuse no, the milk in bags were all gone. Have to resort carton.
It was 5$ for a carton. 5$ for one!!!
And it was soy milk
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I was buying milk from my local grocery store and I saw a Wii mini on the counter behind the cashier while checking out. Got home and wanted to check people's impression and I don't see anything on it other then the one image that was posted last week.

I suddenly have an urge to go get it just for the heck of it...It was from a Shopper Drug Mark. Yes I am Canadian.

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is it stand alone or an actual expansion?

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The entrance run NEVER ends!!!!!!!!!!

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@tripmills: I think that's the problem. My trash can was close to the front door and visible from the that I think about it, wtf was I thinking leaving it there all these years >.>.

Thanks for all the fast pace decryption duders, you made my night complete. TooWalrus got it to the point I think. The "Th y" at the end just weird me out.

@TooWalrus said:

@doe3879: Please remove waste containers from rear laneway and store out of sight or in a contained manor. Thx.
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I got home today and found a "Notice of Violation" from the Waste Enforcement in my mail box. The thing that I can't figure out the writing on it. Wondering if anyone can solve this for me so I can figure out what happen. That or I'll give the city a call tomorrow.

It's not even garbage day today, nor did I have anything in front of the house.

Here's what I can decipher myself.

please remove waste containers

from near laneway and ???? out of eight

or a ????? ????? ?????

Badget No: ?13

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I gotten quite far into the Land of the Dead and figure I want to respec my character. Ended up going back to the beginning of the game to look for him.