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@witzig said:

2: It has frog eating fractions I believe

You were so close!

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@devil240z: I'm saving up for a PS4, so I'm passing on GT6. Which is a bummer as it's looking fantastic and I miss the old racenights. Best multiplayer times I had on that little jet-engine. Hashtag Driveclub!

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Dev, you cray cray! Whatever you do, don't take the batmobile to an endurance race, the endurance race will win!

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Just joined the left-overs on PS3. Would be nice if the OP could be updated to bring the second crew option to light.

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Gran Torino, but the confusion remains.

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@thedudeofgaming: I'm not saying it's not news worthy. A family tragedy like this is news worthy to either local, regional or (inter)national news outlets. However, when videogame sites report on this it might look like an admittance of guilt that there is a correlation between violence and games. I don't see it this way, but you know... Fox.

And like you said, the motive wasn't inspired by Dead Rising, just the means. I don't see MLB related sites covering any baseball bat related crimes.

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People get murdered with kitchen knives yet nobody blames cooking. It's odd a game site would run this story (I'm looking at you Polygon. Kotaku.. not so much).

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From the Master Blaster Overdrive quick look:

Jeff: Alright.. Can you just hop out? Can you hop out?

Ryan: Nnnn...No!

Jeff: Then hit some other buttons, man.

Ryan: Th.. dude, it's a Wii! There's like two buttons!

Just that laid back banter between Jeff and Ryan was always priceless and irreplaceable. Then there was the Game Room quick look where Ryan spots the release date for Deep Pockets Billiards on the Intellivision and the mics are getting a good workout:

Jeff: That's a good shot of a pool table, look at that. "Super Pro".

Ryan: I actually just like the uh.. the multi-colored stained glass uh...

(Copyright 1990)

Ryan: "1990"! Holy Shit!.. Dude, nineteen-NINEty...

Jeff: 1990.

Ryan: Nineteen-ninety...

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Thank you for sharing this story. I always liked how Ryan had this boyish glee whenever he proudly claimed his initials stood for Rough, Tough and Dangerous. Something he must have come up with in his teens, and he never lost that delight. My sincere condolences Mr. Davis.

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@red12b: Hey Red, hang in there, pal. It's not about forgetting a new void that has opened up in life, nor trying futilely to fill it with something else. It's there, it's there tomorrow and the next, it's about trying to accept that this is what it is. It will take time, it will change, but it won't go away. Go to work, stay off the bottle.