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Yeah, I would like to know this too.

I was thinking of wishing for a renewel of my Premium Sub BUT I also want to b sure that the store credit is included. Or else I rather ask for money and buy it myself and get it as a gift coupon. Last year I won a community competition and won a Gold membership but there was no store credit along with that. Was that because either the code was won/earned or bought during a sale?

I just want to be sure before I ask. And where can I find this info? I found it nowhere in the Faq.

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Super Mario Galaxy's music was good but I REALLY liked and prefer the music from Super Mario Galaxy 2.

It had some of the best parts from Galaxy 1 AND older Mario games, so that's your great throwback tunes. Then it had new exciting upbeat tones and also crazy epic music, music that not even Zelda game has had yet. From time to time the music sounds more like it would be in a RPG than a Mario game. I really like how the game manage to shift from playfull to super serious and epic.

I boss song sounds like a fight with Sepiroth not Bowser! I love it!

I vote Super Matio Galaxy 2.

But the other two? Hmm.

Persona 4? Or Persona 4: Golden. Whatever fits best. I don't know if it counts since either Vita or PS2 seems to count.

And.... I will go for something different! Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective! I always liked the Phoenix Wright teams music and Ghost Trick has more of the good stuff! It just amps you up and makes you want to continue investigating!

Super Mario Galaxy 2
Persona 4 (Golden)
Ghost Trick

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Just to throw this out there, I enjoy Polygon. I don't think there's an undue Microsoft bias in their coverage, and I dig their living review policy.

If their reviewers happened to enjoy playing one console more than another at this point in time, I don't have a problem with them rating them in relation to each other. Unfair coverage would be purposely obscuring their real experiences with the products, not expressing their subjective opinions of them.

I'm with you. I think Polygon write some of the best reviews, I think they produce extremely well thought out long form content. I also think that the site is starting to get quite a personality. It's different from Giantbomb though and that is also why it's meaningless when communitys on other sites talk (shit) about other sites because they are often clearly biased aginst other sites and very "brainwashed" into how their favorite sites handle stuff. With that said, Giantbomb is my favorite site overall but I can still appriciate variaity.

Last but not least. I don't see the problem with the score. As consumer product information it reflects what the comsumer get's on day one. One of the clear cons for Playstation 4 is the lack of good exclusive titles. I don't even think that some Kinect shortcoming effects the score that much. I think the tiny little .5 (I also think it's a trivial difference in scorefor people to get up in arms about) difference is much about the games. And as I said in the beginning, 7.5 and 8.0 represents the console in THIS moment in history so the argument "it's stupid to give a score to something that will evolve during 4-5 years" is kind of meaningless since this reflects the consoles TODAY.

I'm totally cool with Polygon having a score. But I didn't put much weight to it but rather read the exhaustive written article and watched the well produced video. Their livestream also helped giving deeper insight just like Giantbombs did. I could watch and make an informed decision myself.

It's really nothing to get upset about.

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I watch almost everything. I have started to watch their videos from the computer and just downloads them instead and watch them on my TV when I eat lunch/dinner or just wanna relax. Yes, Giantbomb IS my TV shows, all my TV shows since I don't watch TV for any other reason than movies or games.

So how much time is that? Since almost every damn video i about an hour long it quickly adds up. I watched the Quick Look for Beyond, Spookin with Scoops; Worth Playing, Unprofessional Fridays and Load my Last Soul these past three days. What's that? About 7-8 hours of content? And that's not even a whole week. So yeah....I watch a lot of Giantbomb each week. Best spent bucks on the Internet :)

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@dekkadekkadekka: Awww, bummer! I Will keep watching this Space to see if anyone is interested. As I said. I have à LOT of Time to kill.

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Hey guys and girls!

I'm a long time Giantbomb fan from Sweden that at this moment is sitting at Victoria Station in London. I'm waiting for my brother to arrive from Gatwick BUT it's not until around 11 PM that he will arrive D:

So what will I do during that time? And then it hit me! Mabey there are some cool Giantbomb fans out in London that have time on their hands and think it would be cool to meet up with another fan from another country. It's a long shot but I'm a social guy and I like to meet new people so I thought "Hey, why not at least try? It could make this day go past a lot faster and more pleasant".

So yeah... how about it? Anyone up for the task to show a Swedish duder parts of this city and chichat about videogames and stuff? :D

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@glottery said:

If I were to suggest some podcast, the Dog Ass Dumplings bit from the "Cat vs Dog" discussion (I think?) would qualify for some disturbing imagery.

But this one I'd probably love to see animated the most.

One more vote for this one! Primary the Dog Ass Dumplings and Cat vs. Dog segment! That one was gold.

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My turnips was at max 138 bells and then i plummeted to 102 and not it's at 88.

Damn it. I hate you stalk market BUT I love you too.

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@mdnthrvst: Best thing I read in the whole comment section for this piece. If I could give you a LIKE I would. I Agree with you very much and I don't really dislike or like Fish. I just don't think people undertand what an unfair it is to compare a sparkling firecracker against an atombomb....or a long evergoing bomb raid.

On the other hand. Beer behavior on this matter disgusts me. You owe us? Boycott their games?
I think Patrick is totally right that no one owe no one anything. It just makes Beer come of as a entitled media person that putting himself on a pedistal. F*ck that.

Once again. Good comment.

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I'm a grown up man at 32 in Sweden and I have shed tears for a stranger this evening. But it was a stranger I followed for over ten years. I guess I was a much bigger fan than I expected.

My whole evening just came to a complete halt when I saw Patricks link. A horrible chill went down my spine and I of course couldn't believe it. It couldn't be true, right? He was only 34. He JUST got married. That is so sad, on so many levels.

I stopped watching my movie and followed the flood of tweets that was pouring in the coming hour. My brain tried to process it all. Could it really be true? Had Giant Bomb really lost one of their founders and great personalities?

Giant Bomb will never be the same. It's not possible without Ryans wit, snark and wonderfully delightful giggle/laugh. He was a fantastic podcast and show host and had I way with improvised words many would dream of having. He had a personality that went right through the computer screen.

It's a sad day. A very sad day. But at the same time you can clearly see that Ryan was loved by many. Many other strangers just like my. He touched a lot of us and he will be missed.

Condolences to Ryan's family, friends, and fellow Giant Bomb crew members. Let's pour one out for one of the absolute best in the game press that was taken away from ALL of us all to soon.

R.I.P. Ryan. /from a friend you didn't knew you had