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@etherealclarity: Yeah, that's what I was trying to get at. And I totally understand. I play stuff like Temple Run and Fruit Ninja for the exact same reason.

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Even though in my opinion Threes is a significantly better game, I can see why 2048 would be more popular even if both games were free. 2048 is both simpler and faster, which are both popular traits in mobile games. The problem for me and others is that it's too simple: I got a 2048 in 2048 on my first go, whereas getting a 1536 in Threes still feels like an achievement every time I manage it. The hidden depth and complexity in Threes may appeal to people looking for a game requires thought and strategy, but most people aren't looking for that on iOS/Android. Its the games that are relatively passive but mechanically satisfying like the excellent Tiny Wings that tend to thrive on mobile. 2048 fits that mould better than Threes

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I can believe that I have just read a comment in which the term "namby-pamby" is used unironically

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I did:

In the new Saints Row, you can use ________ as a weapon

Peter Molyneux's new Kinect game allows you to _______ with a small boy called Milo

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@crusader8463: It's on XBLA and Windows Phone as well

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You mentioned becoming more concerned about the preservation of video games. The question gets more interesting and harder to answer when it comes to MMOs. You can preserve the code, but that doesn't mean much. In an MMO the code isn't the interesting bit; the community is. You almost certainly have listened to it already, but this episode of A Life Well Wasted has an interesting interview with a professor talking about documenting the end of The Sims Online:

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Whiskey Media (Tested, Anime Vice, Screened) to be bought by BermanBraun. Giant Bomb, Comic Vine to be bought by someone else, possibly CBS Interactive (Gamespot CNET)

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My issue is that people seem to think what makes games enjoyable is entirely objective when it just isn't. Sure, there certain things that are fairly objective (like smooth frame rate) but there are things that may bother one person but not another (for example one person might find story interesting, another may find it boring). At the end of the day, there is no problem with a critique that goes against the consensus as long as the person can justify their claims.

In the movie industry, even the most critically acclaimed films get middling/negative reviews, and people don't care. As a gamer, I find the fact a not entirely glowing but still positive review can cause the audience to react like this kind of embarrassing. It is just immature and dumb.

EDIT: And thank you Patrick, for articulating something that has been annoying me and others for years

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