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I agree with you that Resident Evil 6 ended up being more enjoyable than The Evil Within, which is something I never thought possible given Mikami's pedigree. I've read some plot analyses of TEW, and there's some interesting stuff; it just does a terrible job of funneling you toward any good bits or revelations. Beyond that, the gameplay just plain sucked, especially anything remotely resembling The Last of Us' stealth and combat (which I didn't enjoy either). I hope Mikami can help Platinum put out another Vanquish before we see more diminishing returns on his creative abilities.

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Male Miqo'te are awesome. :3

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I love it whenever this gets bumped.

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I'm signing up, but probably won't be able to get matches in until Sunday.

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You should set your team up for the Don Tonberry leveling method outlined here. It's way faster than Omega Ruins.

Other than that, all you have left is pretty much just filling out the Sphere Grid, the Monster Arena and the Dark Aeons. You also may want to prioritize Wakka's sigil, since his Attack Reels overdrive (w/ his celestial weapon) will help you a lot when farming Fortune/Luck Spheres.

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I'm signing up for this week.

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@kishinfoulux: The philosophy tomes can be converted into mythology at an exchange rate of 4 to 1 (2000 philo = 500 myth). This can be done through the same NPC that deals out all of the tome equipment.

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I'm somehow still in the guild so that's good. And are Glamours on a per armor piece basis or is it just a general overall character appearance change? I'm assuming it's like the Mystic in Diablo III.

So I'm guessing I should still be following the same end game path I was supposed to? I think I'm supposed to beat Ifrit and go do one of the harder dungeons (I forget the names, its been awhile). I could've swore I read something to the effect of returning players will be able to gear up quicker so they can get caught up on things, but I don't really know specifics. Thanks for answering also.

Glamours are on a per piece basis, and are divided between different crafting classes/item levels. So, if you wanted to make your Drachen Mail (iLvl 50) look like the Foestriker's Tabard (iLvl 17), you would need to cast a Glamour on the former using a Grade 1 Glamour Prism (Leatherworking). It sounds a bit convoluted, but once you do your first one, the system will immediately click.

The relic quest chain you're talking about is still the same (beat Chimera, Amdapor Keep, mobs, Hydra and the three hard mode primals). As far as endgame gear is concerned, they've removed the Allagan Tomestones of Philosophy and removed the cap for Allagan Tomestones of Mythology, meaning that the path from iLvl 50 to iLvl90 is much quicker than pre-2.2. Additionally, you can also run through Crystal Tower to get iLvl 80 gear, but hardly anyone does it these days and it's often full of people trolling the raid.

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@mrmuscle: Actually, I'm part of the NeoGAF free company after a short tango with Giant Bomb and a small FC I made with some friends who've since moved on. But I occasionally find myself doing stuff with GB, so I will more than likely see you around. Character name is Remi'to Erra, by the way. :)