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So just let Human Head work on Dead Island 2 while Yager works on Prey 2. Everybody wins!

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I was just spoiled by some jackwagon from the steam forums and surprise(not really surprise) its Jason Todd(Red Hood). It felt more like a "no shit" than a "ahha" and I don't even feel spoiled.

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@mb: I entered the key after using the Triad Wars launcher. It asked for a key just before I downloaded it.

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I got in the beta and they gave me some extra keys so go nuts. If you redeem a code please comment specifically which one you used so I can remove it from the list.





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Sorry for not responding. I gave up on this topic after a couple of days when it got no responses. I should have just posted that steam link. It's what I used to sign in so I thought it would work but nope, sounds like none of you were able to find me until my community thing was posted. I'll update the top post to reflect my actual page.

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I tried to solo but it's just too rough out there. If anyone is up for some PC play hit me up on steam:

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I'm also confused on these Wii games coming to the Wii-U. Have the been up-converted to play on the Wii-U with the gamepad or pro controller? Or will it go to the Wii menu and you'll be forced to play it with the Wiimote and back down at 480p?

I totally want to buy this and have it on my Wii-U menu and play it on a pro controller. But I'm out if I have to go back to the Wii interface.

It looks like the Pro Controller will never work with these Wii digital releases as it will boot your system in Wii Mode. Bummer. Also, 480p max resolution.

Games that support the Classic controller also support the Pro controller.

The only game on the list of planned releases that does support the Classic controller is Sin and Punishment: Star Successor.

That and Punch Out! if I am not mistaken.

So if these games don't even run in 1080p native then what is the point? If I can get a Wii emulator on my PC that spits out higher rez versions of these games then why would I ever get these lower rez ones? Also this leaves them open to double(triple?) dip on an HD rerelease down the line which seems worse.

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Well Battlefront is suppose to drop this fall and BF5 is coming next fall. Its either drop it now or get rid of the game and I doubt EA is just gonna throw this away.

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$60 with a $85-$100 edition with the other 2 "planned" dlc packs. They aren't even planning on going to other planets yet(at least according to the leak) which is a fucking bummer. This game needs more content but not more content in the same locations.