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then imagine what the PC version will look like!

I expect it will look mostly the same.

You would be horribly wrong then. The PS4 and Xbone can barely stand up to an average gaming PC from 2 years ago. It will look leaps and bounds better on PC.

Metal Gear Rising on PC would like to speak to you.

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Looks like February 2015 is going to be a great month for games.

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I'd wish they'd ditch the "anti-hero with a heart of gold" bullshit and straight up make him a villain since that's what he felt like in 1. I feel like it would be a nice change of pace from all the save the world games, sometimes you want to play as the Joker and watch the world burn.

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For all the bad things we can say about the Watch Dogs story(anti-climatic deaths, weird heel turns, bad character development, and some bad missions.) at least it wasn't Thief 2014 bad.

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I hope this doesn't turn into their free game of the month.

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This game felt like an origin story of a super villain which would have been great but it was completely unintentional. Since it sold well I really wonder what a Watch Dogs 2 looks like, do they lean in on the Aiden bullshit, do they pull a (better executed) Prototype 2 and have him be the villain which I would prefer or do they just scrap everything and start anew and go the Far Cry route.

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Now the score itself is fine but the songs they picked just aren't very good, wish there was a custom music playlist for us pc users to import our own music.

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I'v found that turning down everything to high(running on a 770 2gb but getting a r9 290 in the next couple days so will update) keeps the stuttering down and turning the textures down to medium would cut it down to none. It's explained here whats going on,7.html

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If only Beenox was actually given time to make one of these things I think it would turn out better than just an "arkham clone". I didn't like shattered dementions to much nor web of shadows but I did like ASM 1. This one is at the least better than the Spider-Man 3 game.