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I know there's no interest in this(on top of bringing a old topic back from the dead) but I found this: Basically a how-to video to get COD Online up and running. Now I'm not done downloading the game so I guess I can update with some impressions when it's finished. Now that its in open beta and its easier to get into, I'd love to hear what Jeff has to say about this seeing as it's the greatest hits of the COD games and he has dabbled with oversees games like PSO 2. Also seeing that COD is dead on PC this could be the shot in the arm that it needs.

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This is gonna sell a lot of copy's isn't it.

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This is what EA did with Sim City but with a better selection of games. I just wonder what happens to the other season pass stuff. The armor stuff sounded lame and the China stuff sounded cool but after Unity idk if I'd trust them to make it be any good. Everything but the China dlc make free and the China stuff a $10 add on with unlockables to the main game.

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I am still sour about Saints Row the Third losing to Skyrim in 2011=[.

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Seems like all the crews are dead.

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The best part is that both acinitiates and the companion app have been broken since launch(surprise?) and the app has a "premium" version which people have had lost and repurchased and then purchased again. On top of that the chests you get from the app you actually don't have access to until a 24 hour cool down timer where you have to been in game when the timer goes off to pick up the chest or else you don't get the goodies. Cool system right?

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I saw this and was curious to try it out and then ran into the bug that makes the game crash when you enter a certain district. It's one thing to be unoptimized on PC like AC 3 was but goddamn this game was just not ready for prime time,

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I can't be the only one that thinks they get stupid hard after the first few. I want to just dismiss it but they just had to lock away the other costumes in the app, not to mention I can never stay connected to uplay.

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With Unity taking some hits its been hard finding info on Rogue. Since I just got a free month of gamefly I'm gonna pick up Rogue and try to play both at the same time and see what happens.

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Drop your Uplay or Steam(PC), PSN or XBLA names here if you like as sort of a CO-OP hub if you can't find anyone to CO-OP with and then everyone can enjoy the uh-uh-uh-uh-uhing together. I got it on PC with Uplay: DomCatz.