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I saw one on the Advanced Warefare iOS app and I believe Jeff is apart of it so try that. I'm on PS4 so if you'd like to play add me: dOm_CaTz.

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Yea the 4 dlc's w/ 4 maps/1 zombies or extinction mode map has been the same since Black Ops so I would bet it's the same this year.

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Being apart of the GB Destiny clan made that game much more fun seeing as I had no one to play it with and since this is a more multiplayer focused game playing alone is just not an option. So idk how the clan system works for AW but I'd love to either start one or just join it to make AW more enjoyable.

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@aegon: press x to mass grave.

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While reading Jeff's paragraph's I had an image of him sitting in a big chair in a room filled with books while wearing a smokers jacket and smoking a pipe.

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This is both the worst and the best.

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All this talk about 1 and 2 just makes me feel sad about 3. I stayed away from it b/c of all the negativity and got around to play it a couple months ago and man just fuck that game.The game looks fantastic(played on pc), the combat is still good and the weapon system is different but in my opinion good but holy shit everything else just takes a fucking nose dive when it comes to quality. I hope they get the chance to make a new one but at this point I don't even know what that is, as long as its not DS3 it should be fine.

Anyway to get back on topic I picked the second one b/c everything about it is just improved over the first one. It took everything about what was great about the first game and made it even better somehow. Movement and shooting are better, it looks amazing with its use of color and variety to the locations. The whole Isaac Clark can now talk thing was fine and not the disaster that it could have been, same with the story. Hell I even liked the multiplayer, it would get a tad one sided but that's how most multiplayer goes these days. Last but not least the eye thing, that sequence still bothers me and I'v seen some pretty gruesome shit thanks to the internet yet everytime I think about or see that part I wince and squeam ugh just something about it that makes me uncomfortable. So yea Dead Space 2 all the way.

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I just finished 1, Twin Snakes, 2 and 3. Currently in the middle of 4 and all the games could use a new coat of paint. Fox engine remakes for 1-3 shouldn't be out of the question and 4 would only need a remaster. Peace Walker would need to be rebuilt from the ground up b/c of it's PSP roots if it is to be included. I guess we'll know in a few hours so i'm gonna cross my fingers.

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Totally missed the control boxes in the laser room, I just thought it was the same.

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@TechnoSyndrome: I was thinking of doing something similar since I beat both MGS and TTS over the weekend. As a whole they dropped the ball with TTS. I played it on that Dolphin emulator on PC and it looked stunning, graphically they nailed it. The changes they made to gameplay were good, it feeling like MGS 2 lite I felt was a good thing. But they failed so hard with the cut-scenes with the over the top bullshit(and not in the good way). Not to mention the flat dialog, just everyone sounded so uninterested in what was going I had to pop back in MGS to make sure it wasn't the same. Also the soundtrack was horrid, like all they had to do was take the songs from MGS maybe remix them maybe not and then put them in, not that generic bullshit that ended up in the game. I hope they try again at doing a remake with the fox engine and you know they learned their lesson since they didn't include this in the hd rerelease a couple years ago when they could have.