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Glad I waited, now give me god of war 3 remastered.

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Now that's an image.

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Is fantastic. I have been doing real well in the few games that I played. I don't see the big deal in using a controller instead of a m/k. I never got comfortable with a m/k so I always use a controller every chance I get.

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2011, the year Saints Row The Third was the REAL game of the year.

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I thought the "Terminator Reaper Baby" from Mass Effect 2 was really fucking dumb. The Force Unleashed 2 is a good one, has it's moments but then it just shits all over itself. The end of Connor's stuff(and the end of AC3 in general) made me just go "wtf did I just play" such a bad experience with that game.

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I thought it was fine, way better than it has been in the past. This is the same shit he's catching for the Ubisoft e3 thing from a couple years ago. I loved him poking and prodding at Geoff that he "loves" everything. Geoff always seems a little to commercialized and Joel was a good counter to that.

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I wish more developers did this.

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Also Hodor as a SNES because you just have to love both of them.

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Robb could be the last Atari system(for basically destroying the Stark name). Catelyn could be a high end PC(for being left for dead and has now made a comeback).