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When the hell did Sega get all this money to be buying shit?

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Unless they decide to put games back on Steam, I don't really care who in charge of EA.

Sorry, irrational dislike of Origin went out of style about a year ago. Yeah Steam is great, but Origin works fine.

You may be right, but if Origin is so great, it should be able to stand on it's own now and not be propped up by exclusives. EA needs to put their games on Steam and let people choose where they want to buy.

Yeah, man, then Sony will put Last of Us and Infamous on 360 and Gears of War and Halo will go on PS3!

Yea because you could play Valve games elsewhere on PC as well.

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Ben King romance.

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I feel like phill fish should come back by releasing a video of him playing a piano and singing Kayne West's "Runaway".

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Picked up CS:GO, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, and Just Cause 2 w/ some dlc. Looking for Remember Me, DmC and COD 4 to drop to 50% and for trackmania canyon and valley to go on sale.

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shit just got real

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Mass Effect 2's end boss(the terminator) was really bad, not to mention they spoiled it without warning in the art book that came with the ce edition on like the 4th page.

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After listening to the podcast and wiping a couple tears away I went to put on some music and saw my desktop wallpaper. It was a Dark Knight Rises poster and all of a sudden a photoshop idea hit me. To make it centered around giant bomb and have it be the centerpiece of this "moving forward" business. Idk maybe it's hitting me weird or maybe it's a great idea, just felt like I have to let that emotion out and my way is wanting to change a batman poster.

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  • Man of Steel: $75.5 million
  • Monsters University: $55.1 milliion
  • World War Z: $34.6 million
  • Total: $165.2 million
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sony and microsoft with the red wedding as the backdrop. someone please make this.