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Tokyo Jungle

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Shadow of Mordor, you kind of have to be bad (or try to be bad) to get anything interesting out of it. I never felt a connection to any of my nemesis's cause every time one would show up I would usually kill them within our first meeting, which wouldn't be a problem in any other game but Mordor kind of built it's name around that system. Also the controls feel really unresponsive. Still a good game though and I enjoyed my time with it but I won't be coming back any time soon.

Also while I love Bayonetta 2, I was kind of disappointed in it's lack of absurdity, but that may have been partly my fault for playing drunk 12 hours straight. I do love it the more I play it though

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@switters: Yes, because I totally want to use my PS4 to play 1-3 year old games that still cost more than their PC counterpart. The only exclusive that isn't not worth playing or a port is LBP3 and even that is coming out on the PS3.

By your logic, the 360 has the largest catalogue of exclusive games. I own a XBO, WiiU and a PS4 and consider myself pretty impartial. My Xbox has been getting the majority of my playtime the past month (with the exception of a 15 hour Bayonetta 2 marathon binge last friday). KI, D4, Forza Horizon 2, and now Master Chief Collection and Sunset Overdrive in a few days.

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I just finished the game in a 10 hour marathon sitting (with a small break to grab pizza from the delivery guy), swords on hands and whips on feet was my combo for most of the game, although I never really experimented. What are your favorite weapon combos?

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How cinematic is too cinematic?

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@hunkulese: I agree Gears 3 is the best Gears game but U3 is definitely the worst Uncharted game, it's all spectacle and no substance. I'm fine with that because ND is best at making kinda shallow but exciting and incredibly well produced games, but Uncharted 3 just feels like Uncharted 2 with a larger budget and less attention to things like characters or a coherent story.

I feel that, like Origins, Uncharted 3 was made to make money and nothing else. Both where developed in lieu of the original developer or team, both kind of skirt around the core narrative arc (Origins by being a prequel and U3 by teasing Sully's or Nate's death and then completely abandoning that aspect of the story near the end) which makes them feel restricted from a creative standpoint. Both are fine games in their own right but underwhelming in comparison to their predecessors.

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Lookin good!

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I really enjoy the Bungie mumbo jumbo type stuff. I think they are really great at naming things and making things look cool (aside from the awoken) and sound cool but unlike Halo, Destiny has failed for me so far in tying all those elements together into a game I actually enjoy playing.

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I'm kinda disappointed in the roster overall. Smash Bros to me always had a wide variety of characters from different art-styles unified into a more coherent look this time around half the characters look all anime.

Duck Hunt is a real great pick though!

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