A Boy and His Blob Impressions

Once again, this game came out in 2009 and I am catching up. 
Only played about 30 minutes last night and completed the first two stages and the first two challenge levels. The art-style WayForward decided to go with is beautiful and really works with the tone of the game. Love the way the game looks as it plays.
Game-play wise I have not experienced a whole lot and have been playing what appears to be the early "tutorial stages", but I really like the pace so far; it seems to be a nice and slow game. I am glad that the focus seems to be more on puzzle solving as opposed to defeating enemies as in Super Mario (not that I don't like that, but it is a nice  change). I am playing with the classic controller and have gotten used to the controls, but to my knowledge the Wii remote's famous motion or pointer controls do not seem to have any use. I am disappointed not that it is not using the Wii remotes main functionality, but that at least the pointing could have been used to point and throw beans. Despite that though the game controls well and I am having a lot of fun so far.
I'll likely post a review once I am done, but will be alternating between this and Final Fantasy XIII. We'll see which I finish first.


Been playing Final Fantasy XIII lately, impressions so far.


I know I am late to the party, but I have recently been playing Final Fantasy XIII on 360 and decided to start my blog off with some thoughts on it.

As a fan of the series I have to say I feel quite underwhelmed. The story and characters, honestly, I do not care too much about. Square force feeds the story to you for what I understand is the first 25-30 hours and I know that I have to kind of care in order to stay engaged. I am following the story a bit, but not really “throwing my self” into it. Hopefully, you get what I mean.

I have no problems with linear games, but this one I cannot say I like all that much. It is not so much that I am confined to only progressing the story, but that the game-play itself is quite linear. The combat is great, but the direction they choose to go with the “leveling system” really bothers me. I win a few battles then essentially hold A till I am out of CP. Distributing points and doing away with “levels” is fine, but at least incorporate a deeper “class system” where I can mold the characters how I want to. I suppose the way the system in this game is setup works because if they went with my suggestion you would be completely screwed in some areas of the game.

So far, I am enjoying it, I think it’s a reasonably good game, but my overall problem would simply be that it is too linear and needs more freedom.